Thursday, May 1, 2008

The winner is....

I would like to thank each of you who faithfully stopped by each day to enter my giveaway. My heartfelt thank you for all of the lovely comments you have made.

Now on to the giveaway. Sorry for the poor picture quality. They were taken in a hurry prior to hubby leaving for work this morning.

With the assistance of my hubby, the date that was chosen is April 22.

The finalists...

The lucky winner is Netter! Congratulations!!

Netter, I will be contacting you via your blog.

I am still chipping away at the pile of tooth fairy pillows and also working on a prototype for a new flower pin. I'm still playing with petal size and leaf shape. You know I can't limit myself to just one project at a time, right? LOL

I hope you all have a very wonderful day.



Netter said...

When I got your email, I had to read it twice..then I did the happy dance. I'm so excited and thrilled...just in time for my birthday too.

sbonetsue said...

Congrats Netter, it must be your lucky day.
Thanks Lettie, this contest has been great, I've reaaly enjoyed your posts everyday and because of this giveaway I have discovered your blog.
I'll keep visiting, that is a promise.

sweetiepie said...

Netter, congratulations to you! Lettie, I just love your blog and all the things you do. You have inspired me to start my own blog.

Can't wait to see all you tooth fairy pillows and your new flower pins. I am sure they will be fantastic!

Lettie said...

sbonetsue, sweetipie, Netters,
Thank you for your sweet comments. I plan to do more giveaways in the future so please continue to stop by when time allows. I have been very fortunate to have met so many really nice people through this blog.
My warmest thank you to you all!

Sandra said...

Congratulations Netter ... and great flower brooches, Lettie! There's always something pretty to look at on your blog - it's an EYE CANDY blog!

annemarie said...

Congrats to Netter and also happy birthday to her! I can't wait for your next giveaway - this one was so much fun but not as much fun as seeing all your neat projects! I love the new flowers - they look great. Hope you are having a great day!

Jackie said...

Excellent!! Congrats to Netter, the happy dance is always a good dance.

denise said...

i love your blog u do alot of great work. i saw somewhere about someones blog who sells things can u tell me who i would love to see it but cant find it now lol thanks luv your crafts

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Way to go Netter! I'm happy dancing with you!
Thanks Lettie for a fun give away! Your blogs have been so fun and full of information and inspiration! Your in my favorites!

Lettie said...

Thank you everyone for visiting my bog. I am very thankful to have made so many new friends. Please stop by when you can spare the time. I will be doing more giveaways in the future.