Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living In A Polka Dot World

Okay, someone stop me, please. People are going to start wondering about me real soon. All I do is think about polka dots and flower yo-yo's and the projects that I can make with them. It is getting very difficult to wrap my mind around other things.

This is a picture of what my grungy vintage hanger looked like before the transformation...

This is after...

Imagine these hangers in a little girl's closet. Throw out all those yucky plastic ones and replace them with rows and rows of these cuties. Oh, the thought is almost too much for me to take.

If I owned a children's boutique, these are the hangers that you would see throughout my store. Of course, the main wall would also be painted in giant polka dots too. Boy, am I a dreamer!

The kleenex tissue holders are coming along, although in my opinion, not quite fast enough. Here is the progress so far. I will probably be sewing on buttons all day today. Ick! It is clearly not one of my favorite things to do because it slows me down too much.

I also ran out of linen fabric and will need to start an island-wide search sometime soon. At the same time, I'll be looking for more polka dot fabrics too. A girl can never have too much, you know. It can be very difficult to find what you're looking for when your search area is limited like it is over here. I jumped for joy when I found the linen and snatched up the 4 yards that were left. I had the biggest stupidest smile on my face and practically danced out of the store with delight when I found it. Yeah, it sometimes can be that difficult to find things on this island.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for this pretty polka dot pillow. Please comment under that post (5/19) to be eligible for the giveaway.

Thank you so much for all of your comments regarding my projects and for spending time with me here in Polka Dot Land. I truly appreciate the cyber camaraderie. Have a fabulous and creative day, everyone!



Stephanie Pettengell said...

Try sewing the buttons on with your sewing machine, it is much faster.

Catherine said...

Not only little girls would love those hangers!! What a great way to make a closet look fresh and cheerful!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie - the hangars are beautiful! I might have to try my hand at those. My daughter is expecting in July and it is going to be a girl! How cute those would be for her little dresses.

The stacks of tissue holders are very pretty also. Do you ever shop online? I don't know what you have to pay for fabric over there, but I am sure you could find some good deals on ebay.
Have a good day. Joyce in Iowa.

on the dot creations said...

Hi. I found your blog while doing an Internet search for polka dots. I just love those pretty hangers!

I, too, am a huge fan of polka dots -- in fact, I have an entire blog dedicated just to them! You might enjoy it: http://www.onthedotcreations.typepad.com

Warm regards,

Stephanie said...

Polka dots just SAY summer, don't they?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Jackie says...
I would love to have the pattern to make the polka dot tissue cover.