Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pretty flowers all in a row...

It seems that attaching leaves to my flower pins (my original plan) didn't work out the way I had planned it. Evidently, too much bulk in the back of the pin caused it to lean forward. That plan was scrapped and a more simplistic version has taken it's place.

This is the first pin that I put together. It's too bad about the leaves because it did add a nice contrast to the flower. I wish I had discovered the problem before I made almost 400 leaves. Ugh!

The completed flowers, although quite plain, are still very pretty.

Another view...

A warm welcome to all the new visitors to my blog. My stat counts have gone through the roof. Thank you Libby for the mention on your blog. Libby's blog is new to me and one that I plan to explore much further. She has some beautiful quilts, craft projects, recipes, and pet photo's to share. She recently made an Americana fabric pinwheel which she included in a primitive tableau. Gorgeous!

I am desperately trying to juggle my time on the computer with the time that I need to spend on sewing and crafting. In an effort to do so, starting tomorrow, I will be posting during evening hours. The plan is to keep the computer turned off until evening. This does mean that most of you will get my posts a day late and for that I apologize. I haven't been as productive as necessary so I have to reduce all temptation of staying on the computer all day. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hope this works!

Have a fabulous day, everyone.



sweetiepie said...

Lettie - I love your colorful display of flower pins. They look great even without leaves.

I look forward to your next post no matter when it is. Joyce in Iowa

annemarie said...

Computers can really be addicting - if you can keep it off all day long you are doing great. I wonder how we ever grew up without them!! Love your flowers.

periwinkle vintage said...

Lettie, your flowers are absolutely exquisite! Your work is such high quality, and for you to be able to produce so much, you must be keeping pretty busy crafting, as well as computer-surfing!

Anonymous said...

great work!

Puyallup flowers

MouseChirpy said...

Joyce, Anne, Cheryl, iwantimeandspace,
Thank you for your wonderful comments. I hope to be able to post a handbag tutorial tomorrow along with a new giveaway.
Please stay tuned!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Lettie,I do love the flowers. Could you use them as embellishments...something like done with yo yos? But that IS a lot of embellishments:-) You produce so much. I understand about the computer...I spend more time going through my blogs than quilty things on most days. I understand you need to balance and this is the way that should work for you. I do enjoy your blog.

sbonetsue said...

I understand about shutting off the computer, it is so addicting sometimes. I have been home recuperating so I have lots of time to play and explore but when I go back to work I'll have a blog withdrawl.
The flowers are wonderful, you amaze me with your productivity.

rowena said...

If those fabric flowers were real ones, you'd have more than enough to make several leis! Lettie, you are a crafting machine!