Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been very busy with both personal and crafty things. Unfortunately, I have not completed the project that I gave you a peak of yesterday. I hope to post pictures of the completed project sometime this weekend.

I know that it is no fun to read a post without pictures, so I would like to leave you with these shots of a very practical coaster for your drinks. They were very popular in the 60's in both square and round shapes. I'll do a more conclusive post about it sometime in the future when I get some sewn up in some cute and snappy fabrics.

The base of the wine glass sits comfortably inside the coaster. This eliminates the need to tote a napkin around with your drink. If you'd prefer, your glass can also be placed on top of the coaster instead. They also make nice rugs your coffee or tea mug.

Have a nice weekend!



Netter said...

That's so cool!

sweetiepie said...

That is clever. I know I was around in the 60's but I don't remember these! I can't wait to see a stack of them done up in your cute and snappy fabrics.

Have a nice weekend.Joyce in Iowa

Pat said...

Great idea!!!

Andre'a said...

How fun!! I can already see so many wonderful fabric combinations.


Stephanie said...

I did a bunch of these for last year's quilt boutique and sold all but 3. They were a lot of fun; the hardest part for me was turning them right side out!