Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wise old owl... sitting on my latest project. Hopefully, I'll have some progress to show you tomorrow.

My plans for a tutorial and giveaway went by the wayside. Too much to do and not enough time has caused me to postpone it to a later date. Please stay tuned.

I'm pooped! Good Night!



Lynne in Hawaii said...

Your wise old owl is sitting on some cute polka dots! So pretty!

annemarie said...

Your owl is absolutely adorable. I hope you tutorial is an owl tutorial!!! Too cute - have not seen any owl patterns. I love him. Have a great weekend.

sweetiepie said...

I think I might have a clue as to what your latest project is. From what I can see, it looks similar to something I make. We will see! Very pretty colors. Joyce in Iowa

Netter said...

What a cute little owl. I know what you mean, there doesnt' seem to be enough time in the day sometimes.

Sandra said...

Pretty little owl looks very nibbly - I'd like to bite his tummy! The polka dot fabric is very intriguing :)

Tomorrow is another day, and then the tomorrow after that is ALSO another day -- take it easy and don't get stressed!