Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes, I can be fickle at times...

I usually know immediately if I love something or not. Then there are the times that something has to grow on me a while before I decide that I like it. Just call me fickle.

A couple of years ago, I saw a completed handbag somewhere out there in blogland that was made from this pattern. At the time I thought that it had an interesting shape but it wasn't something that I would like for myself. I ran into this pattern again last week and had an immediate attraction to it. Who would have guessed!?!

My hubbie said it reminds him of a boat and I tend to agree with him. Although I'm excited to start on it, it will have to wait it's turn in line behind the zillions of other things that I have going on.

I'm constantly making prototypes from ideas that pop into my head. This is a strawberry key chain that I have been working on. I know that the center of a strawberry flower is yellow, but somehow a yellow button just didn't look right so I added a blue one instead. It's a bit "cutesy" but I think the tweenies would love to hang their house or locker key from it. This will be added to the pile of items that need to be thought through a bit more.

I hope you all have a wonderful Spring day and enjoy the beautiful flowers that surround you. Me, I'll just go sniff my fabric flowers while thinking of some of your fabulous gardens that you described to me yesterday. (grin)



sweetiepie said...

Lettie - I agree you need to get rid of the pointy protrusions on that bag. Straighten those sides up and you will have a winner!

Those strawberry key chains are sure cute. Love the little pearl seeds!! Joyce in Iowa

annemarie said...

I love that keychain - you do such wonderful work Lettie.

Marzia said...

wow!! carinissime!!!

rowena said...

I'll have to agree with your husband that it does sorta look like a boat -- so I'm wondering what changes you'll be making to get it to your personal tastes.

I'm back Lettie! And talk about fickle...it's hard to return to the blogging groove. "I blog me" "I blog me not" "I blog me" "I blog me not" -- or something to that effect. ;-)