Thursday, May 8, 2008

She's living in a faux world...

I know what you're probably thinking. Does it go something like this? "First it was fabric flowers. Now it's fabric strawberries. Isn't anything real over at her house?" As I was taking these snapshots this morning, (in between a few chuckles) I could almost hear you all saying those very words.

It is after 8am and the sun is nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, these images reflect how dark it is around here.

I hastily assembled these strawberries for today's post. They aren't as elaborate as usual, but I think you get the main idea. Up to three years ago, they were a staple on my craft table. I'm unsure if I will have the time to do more this year as I'm already overwhelmed at the volume of things that still need to be done. November will be here before we know it.

So, my dear friends, it's time to head back to my craft dungeon. I hope creativity and inspiration fill your day!



annemarie said...

Lettie - Your strawberries are fantastic. I sure wish you sold your items on etsy - your talents are unbelievable!!

Lettie said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks for suggesting Etsy to me. I've been watching that site since they started it several years ago and although it entices me, I'm just too lazy to go through the trouble of shipping things. Maybe one day I will break down and finally do it.
I'm glad that you like the strawberries. They are fun to make.
Take care and have a fabulous day!

Sandra said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah I come here for eye candy to inspire me, to make me smile, to make the world seem prettier - and I always find it! The strawberries are adorable - so sweet to look at!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie -

Your strawberries are so pretty. You have a real knack of being able to put together so many different colors and patterns and they create a perfect harmony.

rowena said...

Despite their faux-ness, I am just marveling at the detail that you add to these. The pearl-like beads, colorful ribbons and roses. You know, in Italy it's big business for small "party favor" sort of things. Weddings and birth announcements especially. Typically, they take a few confetti, those candy-coated almonds, wrap them in fine netting, and attach them to the token favor. It's no complete celebration if you don't have them!

denise said...

i love all of your craft ideas. they are so pretty. u can tell u put alot of love into them. i enjoy your site and plan on visiting often.