Monday, May 5, 2008

No Fresh Flowers Here!

Since the beginning of Spring, I have noticed an explosion of flower images in a large number of blogs that I frequent. I bow my head in shame as I present to you more flowers of the fabric kind. Don't get me wrong, I love fresh flowers. The problem is that I am not an avid gardener. In fact, I enjoy gardening less and less as the years go by.

When we first purchased our home, I planted many trees, shrubs, and flowers. At one time a huge part of the garden consisted of lavender agapanthus which profusely bloomed throughout the year. It often looked like a sea of lavender in my front yard. I was constantly asked by my neighbor about how I got them to bloom so much while she struggled to keep her agapanthus alive. I could never answer her because my garden bloomed with little help from me.

Several years ago we hired a landscaping company to come in and redo our yard. It soon became a yard of rocks, grass and very few plants. The belief was that I could at least manage something simple. Unfortunately, I also neglect my little patch of plantings too.

Here is a picture of my front yard. A garden gate now fills the hole in the wall. Take notice of the sparse plantings.

So, if you've come to my blog expecting to see fresh blooms this Spring, you have come to the wrong place. The only images that I can offer you are of fabric flowers. I hope they make you happy just the same.

Have a fabulous Monday!



annemarie said...

Hey Lettie - don't feel you are alone. I cannot keep any kind of plant alive and our yard shows it. Even a simple houseplant does not like me. I do do well with weeds - they seem to thrive at our house - and oh do I hate pulling weeds! Love your fabric flowers.

Lettie said...

Hi Anne,
Funny how I do well growing weeds too! LOL I think it's because they take no care at all to thrive. Have a great day!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie - I think your fabric flowers are beautiful. All your fabric creations are beautiful!!!

I, also, have a problem growing a flower garden. We have such a short growing season here, and I have no green thumb. By the time I manage to get a plant to bloom, it freezes.

Anonymous said...

those flowers are still pretty though ;)

i know, i wish i was capable of growing and taking care of plants and flowers too.

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Netter said...

I'm the plant caretaker...or should I say undertaker. It seems like I'm the only one that ever thinks they might like some water. Every spring, I plant flat after flat of annuals and they look lovely by mid summer. Yep, then I go on vacation for a couple of weeks, with promises galore that they will be cared for while I'm gone. Every summer I come back to the site of a possible wild fire hazzard. Brown, dried up plans. It never fails, I am asked what I do to keep them alive. Every year, I say the same thing...I water them. Sheesh! I got your package in the mail today. That was fast! I'm waiting to open it on my birthday...I'll post about it on the 7th.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

We have all kinds of unique hibiscus and orchids. We also usually have tomatoes growing and cucumbers but we will be gone for 3 weeks this summer and will wait until we return. Plus we have herbs, plumeria, ginger and gardenia. My DH is the one with the green thumb. I pull weeds out of the rocks.

sbonetsue said...

I prefer fabric flowers, I can't kill them. I have the worst black thumb and my mother is an excellent gardener. I wish I had inherited some of her talent. I,m just glad I can keep my husband, kids and dog alive.