Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beautiful Hawaii.....Well, Usually.

Imagine this...You've been saving your money for many years to take that once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii and upon arrival, you are faced with dark, angry, overcast skies. I'm sure that with the passing of each rainy day you would be trying to convince yourself that there would most certainly be blue skies tomorrow. After all, this is Hawaii, right? I'm sure our recent visitors are still shaking their heads in disbelief and cursing their most unfortunate circumstances that they have visited during such an extended period of lousy weather.

The photo above was snapped on Sunday afternoon from my patio. Where's the sun you ask? Well, let me assure you that it's under there somewhere. Notice the tiny blue patch of sky peeking from between the clouds. Tiny snippets of blue sky made intermittent visits throughout the day.'s sure to clear up by late noon, you enthusiastically say. Well, if it's anything like yesterday or the day before or the day before that, it likely isn't going to happen.

From time to time we go through periods like this. The downside is that the tourists probably won't get that fabulous tan that they told everyone back home they would. The upside is that they probably won't go back home looking like an overcooked lobster either. If you have ever had the opportunity to people watch at the Honolulu International Airport, you'd know exactly what I mean. Tourists step off of the plane looking like normal human beings. Hawaii sends most of them back home looking like bright red lobsters. I kid you not! The only advice I have to offer while vacationing here is to use a sunscreen with a high SPF level and to plan your vacation during the summer months. The weather is usually the most stable then and you will be sure to go back home sporting a beautiful shade of red, err, I mean tan.

As you can see, I continue to have pinwheels on my mind. I squeezed in a little time to put together a quick pinwheel project. I used the extra fused fabric from the wall pocket to make teeny tiny pinwheels for little girl's hair elastics. Of course, I'm sure the little ones would appreciate much prettier patterns and brighter colors. I think that the experiment was a success and I probably will be making more very soon.

I hope you all had a very fun-filled, creative weekend. Tell me about your weekend if you have the time. I love hearing from you.


**EDITED TO SAY: Who woulda thunk it, when darkness turned to light, lo and behold, blue skies reign over Hawaii once again. I guess I was starting to feel the effects of the dreary weather we've been having lately, hence today's post. LOL**

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sweetiepie said...

Lettie, what a cute idea with the pinwheels hair elastics! I envy your creativity.

My daughter had her 33rd birthday on Sunday, so we spent the day together. We started with breakfast, did some shopping, had some lunch, then returned home for cake. It was a fun day. Joyce in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you! It sounds like you spent a lovely weekend with a very special person in your life. Please wish your daughter a Happy Belated Birthday from me!

Sue Cahill said...

Someday I will make it to Hawaii and I won't care if it is gloomy and rains each day. Just to visit new places is a thrill for me.

My weekend consisted of visiting, Saturday driving one and a half hours to see my son's new apartment and eat at a fantastic rib place.

Sunday we met a friend to walk, with our goofy basset hound, around a park in Buffalo NY. Then off to the nursing home to visit my MIL, then off for another walk with the dog in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We love to go to Canada, its only 10 minutes from my house!

So I'm still tired from the walking and feeling a nap coming on.

Netter said...

Ah, blue skies...yep, I had almost forgotten what they looked like. Today I is lovely, chilly but bright and blue with barely a cloud in the sky.

As for the Lobster issue. Yes, I will be the first announce that I tend to be the lobster. I however, wear lots of high SPF sunscreen, but it doesn't help much. What can I say...I was born a red head...and even though my hair has darkened to a funny blondish brown, the fair skin has not changed one bit. People are so amaized at how easily I burn. I like to remind them how much worse it would have been if I wouldn't have coated my body a million times with sun block and kept to the shade most of the day.

Enjoy your blue skies while they last!

annemarie said...

Oh how I love to visit Hawaii someday - beautiful place. Your pinwheels are wonderful. Anne from TX

Nerm said...

Hi Lettie-I've only been to Hawaii once but the weather was just what you'd expect-perfect! I didn't succumb to being a lobster, so it was a happy time. Love the little ponytail holders. Luv, Nerm

Rowena said...

We had some pretty lousy weather for the past week but today it's looking partial sunny. Finally. Watching Magnum P.I. this morning (and he sounds even sexier dubbed in italian!) was a nice picker-upper though!

As to your inquiry on the slippers...Sally pretty much answered that one! Can you imagine if they named a slipper-shaped bread Slippahs in Hawaii? LOL!

Cheryl said...

I think maybe us So Cal peoples have stolen your beautiful Hawaii weather. We have been in the 90's for a few days now!! Cute pinwheel
elastic bands!!