Friday, April 4, 2008

A.K.A. The Jewelry Bag Lady

When I first started doing craft shows, the first and only product that I sold were travel jewelry totes. I purposely made them in Hawaiian print only. At the time, anything that could be slapped with a Hawaiian print were selling like hotcakes. Up until the early 1990's, Hawaiian prints were limited to mostly clothing items. Before long, anything and everything you could have imagined began appearing in these prints. The trend is still holding strong and today you can find Hawaiian print non-clothing items everywhere you go.
Before long, I became known as "The Jewelry Bag Lady". Until this day, people still refer to me that way even though I now produce a very small number of jewelry totes a year. It just goes to show you how a name can stick with you. I can't say that I mind it because I know that it makes me easily recognized in conversation.
This year, I plan to offer my jewelry tote with a patchwork theme (the tote on the left). It will be the same tote but with a fresh concept. Sometimes all it takes to bring back the excitement in a product is a small twist to the old one. I'm excited about it and I hope that people will be too.

Another craft fair project that I am still working on are my tufted pincushions. It seems that I have lost interest in these little cuties and am having to force myself to work on them. I keep reminding myself that the only way to eat an elephant (not that I ever is one bite at a time. That seems to be the only way that I can psych myself into completing this project. One small stitch here, one small stitch there, yadda yadda yadda. Here's the progress on my little elephant(s).

I hope you have a great day.



rowena said...

It seems that whatever you set your talented mind and hands to, the end product always comes out so adorable and/or useful as well! Jewelry bag lady sounds much nicer than Dragon Lady :lol: It was my nickname at work as I had an iron fist when I managed the bakery on my shift!

Oh, and that parmiggiano commercial? At one point I couldn't get that tune out of my head. :-P

Jackie said...

The jewelry bags are adorable. Great in patchwork form. The pincushion looks really cute and I can't wait to see it complete!