Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pick A Pint Of Pickled People

Say that 10 times fast! Okay, you are probably thinking to yourself that the polka dots have finally wedged themselves deep into her brain and has caused her to do some really strange things. She made what??? Pickled People???

I cannot make these doll heads without making a jar of Pickled People at the same time. Growing up, my parents enjoyed a condiment called Pickled Onions with their dinner meal. I think it's a Portuguese thing. Maybe a Portuguese/Hawaii thing. I don't know. Anyway, you couldn't open the refrigerator without seeing a bottle tucked in there somewhere. These doll heads remind me of little onions and bring back memories of the pickled onions of my childhood.

Every canning jar needs a pretty polka-dotted topper.

This is where those doll heads really belong. I call this doll Anela Pupule. Anela [aa NEH la] in Hawaiian means angel. Pupule [poo poo' leh] means crazy, as in off the deep end kind of crazy. If I may say so, this doll looks even more unbalanced dressed in polka dots and glitter than in her usual Hawaiian frock!

Close-up of her silly face.

Mahalo Nui Loa(thank you very much)for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!


P.S. I just received an email from Joyce who has a blog called Crafter Thoughts. She also happens to be the winner of my recent giveaway. Please check out her blog to see her winnings, but most importantly, to check out her lovely, newly organized, and painted craft room. While you're there, don't forget to take a look at the pretty angels that she makes from Christmas ornaments. Too cute and very creative! She's a really sweet gal so don't walk, run on over and say hi!


sweetiepie said...

Lettie - I received my prize today from you blog giveaway! Thank you so much for all the extra goodies!

Your angel in today's post is sooooo cute! I love angels....even crazy polka dotted glittery ones. Thank you for sharing. Joyce in Iowa

Sandra :) said...

LOLOL polkadot-a-rrific crafts! Aloha!

Cathi said...

Anela Pupule is adorable!! What a riot to look at her!
The canning jar toppers are fabulous!
Your imagination is fabulous -- pickled people are too funny!

Rowena said...

Lettie, rock on! You are just at the top of your game woman! The pickled people is the crazy-best idea that I've seen yet. LOL!!!!!!

Stephanie D said...

Oh, I love the pickled people in a jar! I remember eating pickled onions as a child, and we are nowhere near Portugese--but we ARE from the South, which probably makes us just as foreign! lol

Rowena said...

Don't reply to this, I just came over for a quick fix of the pickled people. I want to go HOME, and eat pickled onions and rice and kimchi and portuguese sausage. And that's not even 1/4 of it! LOL

Thanks for your wonderful comment Lettie. You made my day!

Leah said...

just signed up, you may get this message twice! How do i get some pickled people?!!
love your work.