Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Leon Day in Hawaii Nei!

I was pleasantly surprised to turn on the radio this morning to find Christmas carols being played by our local radio station. To my delight, they played five whole hours of Christmas music. Being at the half-way mark to Christmas, they are running an awareness campaign against drunk driving called Leon Day (Noel spelled backwards). Evidently, they're playing Christmas carols for all of the people who will not be alive to hear it in December due to drunk driving. That's a pretty sobering thought. A reminder that any one of us may not be around for Christmas because of a selfish decision that someone will make to drive drunk. The message rang loud and clear with me. Even more importantly, I hope it rings clear to those that drink and drive.

This morning I pulled a book out from my bookcase called Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat. I remembered seeing a hexagon flower project in her book that I had been wanting to try since I purchased the book seven years ago.

So in honor of Leon Day, I have made a pincushion done up in Christmas colors with a hexagon flower reminiscent of a poinsettia. It is difficult to see, but the green fabric actually has glitter embedded into it. The hexagon flower is pretty easy to fold, especially if you have some origami experience under your belt. Although I do need a little more practice in getting the petals just right, all in all, I am very pleased with the way it turned out for a first try.

Have a fabulous day, everyone!



Lynn said...

Not one Christmas carol in Philadelphia... bummer. Cute cushion, everything looks so perfect (like it would take forever), It amazes me you can make enough of everything for craft shows!
My lavender is just about dry enough to "rub" off the stems, really looking forward to making sachets out of the Swedish woven hearts!

sweetiepie said...

Another excellent pin cushion! The hex flower looks fantastic. I am sure this will be a hit at the craft show.

I like the Leon Day idea. Sadly, though, I fear the message will never get to those for which it is intended. Not because they don't hear it, but because they don't believe it applies to them.

Cathi said...

Your Christmas pin cushion is fabulous!! It's just so perfect!

I wish radio stations everywhere would do that Leon Day -- although I really do wonder if it would have the effect we all hope for.

Amanda said...

The UK government has a huge push every Christmas to try to cut down on drunk driving - and it seems to have some effect. Leon day is a brilliant idea though. Love the pincushion.

Chantal said...

This is again perfect work . i really like it .

Stephanie D said...

I really like the Leon Day idea. I think I might bring it up to one of our local stations for next year!

Rowena said...

I'm glad that somebody is taking the initiative to address the problem of drunk this early date!

Sobering, true...just so sad how some jerks don't give a damn about other people's lives except their own drunken self.

Annette said...

One of my favorite times of the day is checking out your blog. Always something new and so cheerful and pretty to look at. Thanks.

Laila said...

I would love to hear Christmas carols on my radio, but I hate the risenwhy they played it.Why have you the world "Nei" In Norway Nei meens No.
Your pincushion are realy Christmas.
Hope you had a great day and that they played Mary's boychild to you. I love that song. "Christmas" hug.