Monday, June 9, 2008

More Flowers and Polka Dots

Although I prefer brights, I couldn't resist making a pillow in pretty pastel shades of pink, yellow, and lavender. (The lavender looks very harsh and not as soft in this photo as it looks in person). Wouldn't this be a sweet addition to a nursery or a little girl's bedroom? If you've managed to read into my blog a bit, you would know just how much I adore polka dots and flowers. This pillow is shaped like a gift box, complete with boxed corners and a polka dot ribbon and bow. Of course, my bow just so happens to be a flower, just because I love them so.

When I'm running back and forth from my work area to my sewing machine, I prefer using a wrist pincushion. This alleviates the need to bring my regular pincushion back and forth with me. This little pincushion is made the same way as the Handy Dandy Pincushion, only it has a larger center and has a fabric scrunchie wrist band attached to it's base.

Isn't this the cutest print? I love the variegated shades of blue and the neon green daisies.

And last but not least, Rowena, my friend, this ones for you. I know that you're always on the look-out for the unusual. Peeps, as I read through her post about the Lattice Stinkhorn mushroom, I sat there thinking, if only my cactus were in bloom I could show it to Rowena because she would find it interesting that it's odor rivals that of the Stinkhorn mushroom (she loves gardening and the unusual). Well, today is the day that I can finally show you this lovely, albeit stinky, 10-inch bloom.

Click here for a description of the Carrion flower (Stapelia gigantea). My mother purchased this plant for herself, but soon after, gave it to my son who had shown some interest in it's extra large blooms. Actually, I think she gave it to him because it was so putrid smelling she didn't want it at her house! Flies love this flower and it's often described as sharing the same odor of rotting flesh. Luckily, the blooms die off within a day or two or I would have tossed it out years ago.

If you haven't had the chance to visit Rubber Slippers In Italy, by all means you really need to. Rowena has such an enjoyable writing style and takes you through her day to day life in Italy. If you love Italy and the unusual, her blog is what you should be reading.

See you tomorrow.



sweetiepie said...

The pillow is just darling and the wrist pin cushion is a great idea!

Such pretty fabrics you have used on these projects! I think I am going to have to go fabric shopping sometime soon! Joyce in Iowa

Rowena said...

Lettie! That is the most gorgeous cactus flower I've seen yet -- and it stinks!?! I had to read that part twice because I've never heard of smelly cactus flowers, only sweet/no smell ones. Thank you for the mention and also for adding the cactus link. Today on our walk, I noted that there were no more stinkhorns. Well of course, the dogs didn't go crazy when we passed by. LOL!

Cathi said...

I love your wrist pin cushion. What a great idea that is. Think I may have to try making one of those!
The little pillow is fabulous.

Darlene said...

Sweet pillow! Love the wrist pincushion. I used to sew with one all the time and my friends made fun of me. Sigh!

Sandra :) said...

Lettie!! You are the QUEEN of all things polka dot, floral, yoyo and pincushion!! I bow to your talent and skill ... ok, I'm not really bowing, but I'm nodding my head VOCIFEROUSLY in acknowledgement of the CUTE I see in this post!!

SewDelish said...

I love your wrist pincushion. I have been meaning to make one of these for a while. I think I will just have to now seeing your gorgeous one! Thanks for the tutorial too!