Friday, June 20, 2008

Fun Fru-Fru Flower Pen

I'm sure you've seen silk flowers attached to pens, wrapped in floral tape and placed into flower pots before. Cute concept, don't you agree?

The one thing that I could never do was to wrap my pens in floral tape because I dislike the feel of the sticky floral tape against my hand. The stickiness that even soap has difficulty washing away. To improve on this concept, I've wrapped my pen in a cute polka-dotted ribbon. No more stickiness.

If you know me, instead of a silk flower, a cute fabric flower with a beaded center has taken it's place. And of course, it has to be placed into a pretty little polka-dotted pot. Just because.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. See you on Monday.



Cathi said...

This is just so wonderful!! So cheerful and happy and I love it!!
I'd love to see a table with one of all of your designs on it. It would be the most amazing sight.

Chantal said...

This is so beautifull . It's lovely done .

sweetiepie said...

What a sweet little potted polka dotted posey pen! That would look so cute sitting next to the phone. I wonder if they make polka dotted post-it notes.

Lilly said...

Now that is a pencil!
Tooo cute!

Virginia Janet said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, that is a great idea. How do you get the pen to stand up in the pot? The girls in my bible study want to make these, of course not like your's, the ones with the silk flowers, we don't email me at

Khris said...

ohh my this is too cute Lettie...I must not have seen this tutorial...can you send me a piccie so I can put it on the freebies blog....hugs Khris

ohsocrafty said...

I love them:-) sooooo much nicer than the silk flower ones!
Is there a tutorial?

Happy crafting

Unknown said...

Yes, I am curious too.
Is there a tutorial? I can't seem to find it =(

It is so cute, I want one. =)