Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Saturday!

I thought I'd post a better picture of the tic-tac-toe game board as last nights photo was so dark.

To stabilize the game board, I inserted a sheet of chipboard between the two black layers of felt. One-inch buttons have been glued to the bottoms of the game pieces to add some height and weight and overall ease of handling.

I hope you're having a fabulous Saturday and are enjoying your time outdoors. Don't forget to save some barbecue for me. I'll be right over!


Cathi said...

They're fabulous -- what a great idea!!

sweetiepie said...

Thanks for the update and the tips. This is such a cute idea.

Lorraine said...

So cute. Your projects are just so sweet.

Rowena said...

So funny that you should mention a barbecue and that we should save some! We broke in the new cheap-o grill yesterday but in my lust to finally eat charcoal-grilled steak, I didn't take any photos! Not one!!

Next time...we will certainly try to making bbq-ing a weekend must-do!

Mom2fur said... comment didn't go in, I think. So here I go again:
Come on over and visit me 'cause I nominated you for a blogging award! (And, you amaze me with your clever ideas!)

Stephanie D said...

Well, mom2fur beat me to it--I received the award this weekend and was going to send it your way, too. Great minds think alike, I guess.

I changed my URL, so am trying to notify those who have visited me a few times. The blog is still "Scraps", but it's now

I haven't played tic-tac-toe in years, but what a cute idea for small hands. I can see them playing this on a car trip, without losing pieces or fighting over a pen or pencil.

Stephanie D said...

Aww, Lettie, you are too kind! (for comment on my blog) I can't hold a candle to your creativity, gal, and I am impressed that you accomplish so much every day--and then blog about it, too! Congrats on getting the same award! I am in some great company this weekend!