Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

Remember that old pile of raggedy patterns that I pulled down from the shelf last month? Well, I got tired of looking at them and returned them to the shelf that they came from. I've recently discovered that I have no desire to recreate those bags again. Over the years, I've managed to keep a few of the old handbags so I will show you some of those instead. Unfortunately, the ones that I did keep are mostly dark prints and we all know that dark colors don't photograph well but I will try my best. Some have faded with time and others are wrinkled, but with a little ironing and primping, they should be presentable enough.

I designed this handbag in the late 90's and continued with it up until the early 2000's. During that time, there was a huge Hawaiian print revival going on here in islands and everything possible was being made from it. Thus, all of my early handbags were made using Hawaiian print fabrics. This was one of the most widely requested designs back then and every once in a blue Hawaiian moon I still see people schlepping it around.

This bag was the 3rd in a series of eight that I designed for use with Hawaiian print fabrics. It is a soft tote with a drawstring liner. There are two large pockets on either side between the liner and the outside fabric. It is interesting to note that I was heavily into drawstring closures back then, a rather obvious and repetitive trait that you will see pop up in many of my early designs. I can still recall how torn I was over the decision to retire this design. It was obvious that I was bored with it and needed to move on.

For just a wee moment last month, I was considering bringing back some of the old designs. After regaining my senses, I decided not to revive any of the old simply because I have already been there, done that, and need to concentrate on what lies ahead. I think you will agree after seeing several of the bags that my design sense has changed considerably.

Over the next several days, I plan to post a couple more bags from my old collection just for old times sake. Seeing them again has been good for me and has allowed me to realize just how far I've progressed in handbag design. A stroll down memory lane was a trip worth taking but it is clear to me that I should continue down the path laid before me. No more looking back, only straight ahead from now on.

Take care, everyone!



Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Yes...Memory Lane can inspire us for a moment, but then it is time to move forward! Great bag though!

Hope your on target with your "good eating" this week!


Vicki ♥ said...

I am glad you put up a pic of your bag. I really like the design of it and think it looks great!

Poppedijne said...

They still are lovely bags, Lettie.But I can understand when you say,done that! Upwards and onwards to new things!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, I think the bags are very neat looking, but it also looks like a ton of work went into them. I don't blame you for retiring the pattern.

I have lots of patterns like that too. Every so often I drag them out, look at them, then put them back in the

Have a great day.

Stephanie D said...

Funny how trends are, even in quilts and projects. I don't think anyone is making watercolor quilts any more, and I remember my first quilting class, about 13 years ago, when the stars of the class were making Hawaiian applique. Don't see much of that now, unless I'm just in the wrong place.

Sandra :) said...

Very pretty, but I agree - onwards and upwards, to new and fun designs and colors and patterns! I'm looking forward to seeing your old designs tho!

My you-know-who says hi to YOUR you-know-who - he's beside me on the couch as I speak, headbutting my arm (for attention) as I'm trying to type, lol.


Craftpassion said...

Nice bag! Coincidently, I am doing something similar now, I am refurbishing my old tote bag I crochetted 10 years ago. Will post in up on my blog after I got it done :)
Can't wait to see your next post :)

Netter said...

It's always nice to look back and see what we were really into making several years ago. Its neat to see how our likes change and how we improve on things. You must be one of the busiest crafters I know. I cut out a little felt and I feel like I've exhausted