Monday, June 15, 2009

Posie Door Pocket

I find that I'm happiest when creating sweet, whimsical, girlie things. It has got to be the inner child in me still yearning for the playfulness of childhood.

This little pillow measures approximately 5" X 8". The top of the posie has been left open to reveal a pocket where notes or sentiments can be left. I love adding Double Yo-Yo's, or Double Yo's as I prefer to call them, to projects like this to add an extra splash of color and whimsy.

Hung from the bed post or a dresser knob, this would make an adorable Tooth Fairy Pillow.

And now, a few answers to some of the questions that you've been asking...

Joni of The Blue Plum Shop asked how I cut such perfect circles. Well Joni, I hate to disappoint you, but my circles are far from perfect because each one is individually cut by hand. I do have the help of a cardboard template (yep, I'm very low tech like that!) which I make using a paper circle cutting system called Circle Scissor. The blade isn't strong enough to cut through cardboard so I use a pencil to trace a circle, cut it out, and then use the cardboard circle as a template to trace onto my fabric. I've had this circle cutter for a bazillion years, so I am not even sure if they make it anymore.

Missy Ann of Deep Inside Missy brought up an important point about not using magnets on computerized sewing machines after I suggested that you may want to use the Sweet Buttercups flower as a pincushion on metal cased sewing machines. I hadn't thought about that simply because I do not own a fancy schmancy sewing machine. So, please be careful and keep in mind the kind of sewing machine you have before taking me up on my suggestion.

Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works asked who graduated this year after seeing the graduation announcement being held up by the Sweet Buttercups magnets. At the time that I took that picture, the announcement was the closest decent piece of paper I had near me so I decided to use it not realizing that anyone would even notice. Good eyesight, Jackie! The graduate happens to be my hubby's nephew and he graduated from Punahou School, President Barack Obama's alma mater.

Janine of Join Janine made a comment about the Sweet Buttercups project and asked, "So that is what you call a quick and simple project?" I gotta tell you, this brought a smile to my face. I've come to know Janine this year and I can tell you that she's a very talented gal and I know that her question was probably made in jest. But, at the same time, I really do hope that I brought you a relatively simple project. I'm sure that there will be times that something will be "duck soup" to some, while a bit more challenging to others. I do realize that sewing skills and experience differs. So, if you have a question, please give me a holler.
Janine also asked if I made the cigar lei myself. The answer to that one is no. A big, huge, definite, NO. Even if I had those flowers in my yard, you can bet that I don't have enough patience to attempt something so intricate and time consuming. Two thousand flowers? Blech. That lei is worth every penny that I spent on it!

Stephanie D of Scraps asked when we celebrated my hubby's kanreki. We held it on his actual birthday which was this past Tuesday, mostly because I think he's a little superstitious (don't tell him I said that) since it was such an important number. Everything turned out great and he would like to thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Lauralee of Eclectic Stitcher, Marnie of Country Fried Stitches and Connie Gail all asked if I would share the party favor instructions. The answer is yes, but I will need a little time to get a tutorial going. I'm still pretty busy even though most of our commitments have been met. Gals, please know that I will get to it soon.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your comments. I am sorry that I haven't been able to acknowledge each one individually. I do read them all and would like you to know how much I appreciate your visit to my blog. My deepest, heartfelt thank you to all of you.



Kristin said...

Love the posie door pocket!

Shabby Raggy Roses said...

What an adorable little pillow! I love the fabric's you've chosen - and I just love yo-yo's on things!
Best wishes,

Sherri said...

LOve the pillow with the double yo yo's!!!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Lettie: You're one of the best bloggers! Looking forward to the tutorial on the party favors. Blessings to you!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, what a pretty pillow. You have such a knack for putting different colors and patterns of fabric together that are so pleasing to the eye. Very nice.

Have a nice day.

Stephanie D said...

Such a cute little hanger!

Are you participating in a craft fair again this year?

emy said...


Connie Gail said...

Too cute door hangers - one could make seasonal ones too! (Thinking falltime here!)

Thank you for sharing all your crafts with us girls. You always make my day...:O)

Unknown said...

Love the cushion and you are right it would make a wonderful tooth fairy pillow. Thanks for all the answers to the various questions and congrats to the graduate, Yay!!

Karen said...

What a cute little pillow! Very versatile...could do a lot with it. But, a do you make the double yo-yos?

arkie said...

Oh, I just found your blog! You make the cutest things!

Busym1 said...

The pillow is adorable! I can see a few gifts coming from this! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us all!It's appreciated! Hugs, michelle

Janine said...

Sweet and lovely Lettie,
thank you for your kind words and for answering my questions.
This bag you made is so cute.
I made a few bags last year (but I like yours better)
Enjoy your weekend

SG said...

Sweet little pillow!

Khris said...

ohh so cute...but can you PLEASE tell me how to do the double yo-yo's...hugs Khris

Lavender and Linen said...

I love your tutorials. You are so creative!

I also enjoy your blog so much!

Keep up the good work!

Mary from KY