Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Party Stuff

I've spent the last month helping both of my sisters create shower and party favors and each time, I neglected to take pictures. I can't explain it. Y'know, I have a blog about making stuff and I forget to take pictures????

Anyway, I just finished these favors for my hubby's kanreki celebration and this time I didn't forget to take pictures!

This a shot of the favors in progress. Evidently, as you can see, I am a very messy worker. I know that it doesn't look like much, but the pieces to the puzzle are all hiding in there somewhere.

I made each favor in a simple matchbook style.

The inside holds a Starbucks gift card and a couple bars of Ghiradelli chocolate.

In Hawaii, every occasion is graced with a lei. This is a cigar lei made from the flowers of the Cupea Ignea Shrub. The flowers are very tiny so each lei is made from approximately 2000 flowers. This will match my hubby's red shirt perfectly.

We plan to celebrate and stuff our faces full of yummy food at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. I can't wait.

On another note, thank you so much for your comments about the plastic "city" that I'm building in my sewing room. I really enjoyed reading your comments. Some of you were wondering how I would access the items on the bottom. The items that are stacked on the lower half are supplies that I seldom use but still want to keep around. My desk is very sturdy, so stepping on top of it to access the containers isn't a problem. I realize that this isn't an ideal way of creating storage, but at this point, it is the only way possible given the amount of space that I have. I realize that I have way too many supplies, but for now, it is what it is, and I am keepin' all of it! Hehehehehe!

Take care.



Kristin said...

Those favors are fabulous!

I miss the plumeria leis. They smelled so good.

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Your favors for your husband are just beautiful...I love them. I hope he has a wonderful time on his special day.

Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

I just love reading your blog and those are absolutely the most adorable favors! Would you consider sharing how you make these? My DD is getting married in September and something like this would make a wonderful favor at the reception!!!

Connie Gail said...

Slow over here with dial up modem but well worth the wait! Your favors are really neat. Did you use a die cut machine or a pattern. Would love to know.

Also took a peek at 'plastic city' - what a hoot seeing all those containers piled up on each other. The nice thing is that you can see what is in them and this system seems to work well. Congrats on cleaning up your craft room. Guess I'll have to do the same...;O)

P.S. Hope you hubby has a grand celebration!

Marnie said...

FanTASTic favors! Planning big 6-0 birthday for the hubby at the end of this month. I would LOVE to make these for the party! Looks do-able. Will you share?

Zlaty said...

How interesting! Thank you for sharing it!

You made lovely favors!

Enjoy the celebration!

Zlaty :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Such pretty party favors, Arlette! Love the chocolate & Starbucks card put together. So cute. I was busy making a crown for a Bride to Be last weekend...photos are on my blog! Yours turned out wonderful I often get so busy in the "making" I forget to take pics too!

Fondly, Carrie

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Lettie - the party favors (as is everything else you do) beautiful! What a fun way to celebrate. Hope you have fun, and I hope your hubby has many more years of celebrations with you.

Unknown said...

I just love the matchbook style for those favors. They are absolutely wonderful!! Your work is beautiful and you are so creative.

sweetiepie said...

Those are really neat favors. I hope your hubbie has a great birthday.

I, too, have been thinking about party favors. A friend of mine is having a baby shower for my daughter who is due to have a baby boy in August. I am hoping to be able to help with some of the decorating. I love all your ideas.

Take care.

Kath said...

You enjoy your collection! My workshop is at the bottom of the garden and I am thinking of booby-trapping the path (think "Home alone") to stop my husband coming down and asking "Do you really need all that?"...hee hee

Janine said...

This favors are really fine. I like them a lot.
But tell me, did you make that 2000- flower- cigar- lei??????
You have to be very patient to do so.
And please tell me, what is a kanreki- celebration?´
I know, I´m curious.
I can´t help it ;0)

JG said...

What a nice celebration! Thank you for the descriptions. Your matchbook favors are great! Everyone will enjoy the contents. Have a good celebration!

Craftpassion said...

Aloha!!! This is awesome, the matchbook favors are so elegantly designed!!! Congratulations on your hubby's 60th birthday!!! The lei looks wonderful too and it really need lots of time patience to make one :)
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Thank you.

Stephanie D said...

What an awesome idea, to celebrate a 60th birthday! I loved reading about it.

Very nice favors--loving chocolate and coffee together. When is the big day?

And 2000 flowers?? Holy cow!