Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Bee

How appropriate to have come across this little fellow while reorganizing my craft room because I have been busier than a bee. He's pretty old, as I must have made him over a dozen years ago. He's made from fun foam, a little bit of black paint, and has fabric decoupaged to his foam wings.

My son's girlfriend loves crafting and sewing just like me. I swear, it's fun having her around to share creative things with. She recently made me some of the sweetest sweets that I've ever seen. None are any larger than 7/8" and each are very highly detailed. Just look at those tiny sprinkles. They are barely larger than the width of a sewing needle. Each piece is as light as a feather because they are made from paper clay. Not only is she a very sweet girl, she is a very talented one at that!

As you can see, I'm getting ready to eat them. Don't they look scrumptiously real?

On the diet front, I have lost 2-1/2 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I am trying not to think too much about dieting because the mere thought of the word brings me to a tizzy and makes me want to eat everything in site. So, I've decided not to let it pressure me out anymore and it seems to be working.

I'm still cleaning and organizing my craft room. I will be cleaning until forever, it seems. Well, I'm giving myself until the end of this month to get it together.

Remember this picture of the floor as you enter the room?

Voila! What do you know, there's a floor under all that mess.

It was funny to see my cat stroll extremely slowly and cautiously through the new bit of open space. He couldn't believe it either.

This shelving unit sits next to the mess that you saw on the floor. It was in total disarray too.

The open shelving is now organized. I have yet to tackle the enclosed areas. It is filled to the brim with books and paperwork, a nightmare within itself.

All of this shuffling and sorting has brought out my asthma and has affected my breathing so I am planning to take it a bit slower this week. Not being able to breathe and having to use my inhaler scares me a little too much.

I hope you're having a fabulous day, everyone!



RG said...

Your space is looking wonderful!!!
Really wonderful!! What a huge achievement :D
I know what you mean..the cats are so funny when things change..our cat does the same.
So take it easy now with your asthma!
I can totally relate as my son suffers the same sort... it can be very limiting.
Do take care and wow!!
You go girl!!!
Robyn xx

Mimi said...

I love your sweets. It must be so much fun to share your craft with someone so close.

Anonymous said...

You're making progress and things are looking so tidy and neat. I have asthma too, mild, but I still have it. While handling those siggy blocks last week I had some coughing spells from the dyes in them I suppose. My dr. has me use a maintenance dose inhaler twice a day and it keeps me very well controlled.

Stephanie D said...

Ooo, save the chocolate-dipped strawberries for me! lol Those are really cute!

Your space is looking wonderful, no matter what the cat says! Just take it easy!

Kristin said... have gotten so much done! Don't overdo it again this week and trigger your asthma. I know from experience that its no fun.

Love the sweets your son's girlfriend made. She has real talent.

Sherri said...

Your room looks amazing...hope you get to feeling better too!

Clare said...

What a great feeling getting everything in order. Be careful not to over do. The miniature sweets are wonderful!!!

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, your room is starting to look great, but take care of that asthma. I have that same problem when I try to do any cleaning.

Your son's girlfriend has done a beautiful job on the sweet treats. It is sure nice to have a fellow crafter with which to share ideas.

That busy bee is the cutest.

Take care.

Unknown said...

Your room looks fantastic! Organization is just the best! I am sorry to hear about your asthma, I hope you feel better. Your cat looks a little like mine. Mine is 22lbs, how about yours?

wendy said...

Love the sweets! I hope your feeling better soon! Take it easy.

Janine said...

Dear Lettie, get well soon.
That´s most importand.
But I think cleaning your working space was a great idea.
My place is allways a mess but in that rare moments when it´s not, I´m more productive and it is more fun to work.
I congratulate you to your sons girlfriend.
Those donuts are georgeous.
They are so sweet.
So relax in this wonderful atmosphere of your place and have a good day

Rumi said...

Lovely "sweets". What are your plans for them?
Your working space is really looking good! The question is, now are you going to be able to find anything? LOL! Whenever I go on a cleaning jag, I forget where I put stuff away!

Zlaty said...

Wow Lettie,

Your son's girlfriend is very talented! I thought she made you real desserts! :) Silly me :)

I am cleaning me sewing room as well! :) I got some help from my mother-in-law today, lucky me! :)

Take it easy and have a great week!


JG said...

The little treats are cute!

Your work space is so organized. Take care and pace it - Asthma is not fun.

I made the Origami envelope last week and used it for a note. Thanks for the idea!

SG said...

Cute sweets!
You did it! Your sweing room looks great!

Tudy said...

It all looks lovely. The desserts are the kind I need to. Since I came down with Shingles I am hungry for everything. Maybe it is the meds, or not.

Jenessa said...

cleaning and losing?! i guess i need to follow your example! and those "treats" are too darn cute

Busym1 said...

Those are the cutest little sweets! I love them! Your room is looking so good! Take it easy, though, asthma is no fun, that's for sure! The cat is cute! Michelle

Carrie P. said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Keep us but don't stress.
Your sewing room looks mighty nice.
And that little box is sweets is so cute.

Netter said...

You certainly have been a busy camper. I'm in the process of packing up all my belongings and putting them in storage. I'm tired just thinking about all the stuff I have left to do.

Threeundertwo said...

Wow! Those tiny doughnuts are amazing!

And good for you for cleaning up your craft space! I need to knuckle down and rearrange mine. Your pictures are very inspiring. We have to keep those cats on their toes!

Suze said...

Good job on cleaning and your diet. :) Those sweets look so yummy!