Friday, February 22, 2008

Mouse and Chirpy

About nine years ago this furby walked into our lives. We found him one morning tucked in the corner beneath our front door after a night of heavy thunder and lightening. He was so tiny and only about 8 weeks old. His soft mewing is what alerted us to him. It broke my heart to think of what this little boy had endured overnight. Today, he refuses to go outside and he's still petrified of thunder and lightening. He's grown into a handsome cat and a precious family member. He's smart too. He can shake your hand and sit on command. Hubster gave him the name, Mouse.

We acquired a peach face love bird from my nephew a couple of years before Mouse came into our lives. We aptly named him Papaya because his feathers are the colors of a ripe papaya. Somewhere along the way we started calling him Chirpy, probably because of his incessant screaching, I mean, chirping. He's a very loveable and smart bird. Unlike the stereotypical cartoon characters, Tom and Jerry, Mouse and Chirpy live harmoniously with each other. They even hold their own conversations, a back and forth banter of meow, chirp, meow, chirp... It really makes one wonder what they're saying to each other. Perhaps it would go something like, "I'm going to eat you," "No you're not!" Eeeeeks!

I know you were hoping for something other than flowers, weren't you? Well, I hope I haven't let you down too much. This pin is a cluster of ume and kanzashi blossoms surrounded by 3 tiny green fabric leaves. It's barely 2-inches and such a dainty little beauty.

Have a fabulous weekend, won't you.

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