Friday, February 8, 2008

As Sweet As Rock Candy!

I don't know what happened to my post yesterday. As far as I can recall, I did nothing different than the day before. I promise that in real life I don't speak in choppy little sentences as indicated by that post. Those who know me can vouch for that. That was so difficult to read and I apologize. I'm crossing my fingers that this post will be okay.

Today's pin is named Rock Candy because of the vibrant fabric colors and shiny seed bead centers (and my immense love of sweet sugary candy). I'm such a dork to be naming my pins but for some strange reason it gives me great pleasure. Okay, now YOU say it...SHE'S SUCH A DORK! The center is a wet felted wool bead that I halved and then studded with glass seed beads. After wet felting, my hands get really, really dry. I mean uncomfortably dry and sometimes my skin peels. I know, you probably didn't want that much information concerning my dry, peely hands. Ewwwww. Anyway, if you have a remedy, I'd love to know your secret. Once again, sorry for the poor picture quality. I promise to keep practicing until I get it right.

As I'm typing this, the rain is starting to fall again. Someone needs to call Noah because we're going to be needing his ark real soon. The upside of all of this rain is that my palm trees are nice and green. The downside is that we now have an army of weeds that we didn't have several weeks ago. Seems they also enjoy the rain.

Well, I'm off to continue with the fabric cutting and pin making. Did I ever mention how much fun I'm having?


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