Monday, June 28, 2010

When The Little Princess Comes to Visit

It is Monday. Everything is a blur...

...because The Little Princess comes to visit.

We even remove the seat cushions to make it low enough for The Little Princess to access her throne.

It is nap time in The Kingdom. (Thank goodness for nap time.) All is quiet now that The Little Princess is sleeping.

I baby sit The Little Princess every Monday and get absolutely nothing done while she's here. Even so, I look forward to seeing her. She is such a little bundle of energy. Every picture that I took of her was blurry. It tires me just to watch her run around. Sorry, I know that these pictures are hard on the eyes.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. I'll see you tomorrow for part three of the paper wreath tutorial.



Kath said...

Aww!!I want one :D

sweetiepie said...

Awwww....she is so cute. It reminds me of when my grandbabies are here. They can have that toy box emptied in about 5 seconds flat. They are quite fast but a joy to watch.