Sunday, June 27, 2010

P is for Paper

Hello! I hope that you have had a fun-filled weekend.

I am still playing with paper and still making paper flowers. It seems that flower making, paper or otherwise, never gets old for me. There are very few flowers outside in my garden, but it's sure colorful here inside my house.

For some reason, this wreath was very difficult to photograph. No matter what I did, the pretty colors wouldn't come through.

A close-up shot, but still not much better.

Oh well, I never professed to be a good photographer.

I hope you have a smashing week ahead. Take care!



Mary said...

Well I love it. It is hard to decide where and how to photograph things, I think you did just fine. It is a great idea. You always have such fun things. Thank you.

Amy said...

Lettie, your paper wreath is beautiful! Speaking of flowers, I just got a few planted this morning, very late for Michigan and me both. But.....better late than never!

YOU have a smashing week, too!


Jackie said...

Lettie, This paper floral wreath is just beautiful!! I love it!!

Annette said...

I think they are so beautiful. And I love the colors.

Annette said...

I love your paper wreath.. The colors are so lovely. At the moment I'm very busy al kinds of stuff, but I hav emore times I'm going to try too make you flowers... Very times you post I fall I love more and more on the flowers....

Stephanie D. said...

These are so cute!

sweetiepie said...

I think the wreath looks great. Your creations are always so colorful.

Take care.

aafke7 said...

We all will follow the leader!:)
Thank you very much for your kind tutorials!

MandMStudio said...

So lovely:)

Pam said...

Your paper flowers are lovely. So cute.

grnsilas said...

Today I found projects to make for our hospital's fund raisers and gift shop.
My aunt was so pleased with my crochet contributions that I want to surprise her as she is a retired teacher and volunteer there....That is one way to atone for some mischievous people she taught-naming no names.
Also, thanks for the yoyos. I will make baby and wedding gifts for family.
C. Riggs