Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make a Paper Flower Wreath Along With Me

Let's mix it up a bit and try something new. How about assembling a paper flower wreath along with me. I will be posting a series of 3 very simple paper flower tutorials followed by a fourth tutorial on wreath assembly.

The first flower tutorial will be made within this post. I will be posting the remaining tutorials on the following dates: June 25, June 29, and July 2. This will give you ample time to make each of the flowers. If you have any questions, please post it within the comment section of each tutorial. I will be answering your questions in the comment sections.

The supplies that I will be using throughout this project are:

* Cardstock (solid or printed, in the color scheme of your choice)
* 1-1/4" 6-petal flower paper punch
* 2" scallop paper punch
* Floral wire
* Buttons
* Dye inks that coordinate with your cardstock
* Sewing needle and thread
* Glue, tacky and/or hot
* Scissors


The wreath base is made of cardboard. The perimeter of the circle is 12" with a 7-1/2" circle removed from it's center. Cereal boxes or any other cardboard that you have laying around will do. Cut as many layers as you need to form a sturdy base. Glue the layers together with tacky glue. Top with a circle of cardstock.

Have the wreath base ready on July 2nd, the day of wreath assembly.


The first flower that we will be making is an anchor flower. This will be the largest of the flowers and the focal point of the wreath.

*For the first layer of petals, punch two 2" scallop circles from cardstock.
*Cut a slit to the center of each of the scallops between two petals.
(The first diagram that is drawn in pencil shows you where you will be making your accordion pleats. Do not draw these onto your scallop. I did this to show you where the folds will be made.)
*Accordion fold both scallops. You will end up with two halves.
*Glue together to form a full circle of petals.

* For the second layer of petals, cut a strip of cardstock 1-1/2" wide by 11" in length.
* Accordion fold each strip in 1/4" pleats.
* With scissors, make tiny rounded snips on every other fold to form the petals.
* Glue the ends together to form a continuous circle.
* With needle and thread, take a running stitch close the straight edge.
* Pull the thread tightly to form a rosette. Tie securely with a knot, cut thread.

Glue the scalloped flower to the top of the rosette. Glue a button to it's center.

Repeat these steps to make a total of 6 flowers.

I will be using dye ink to add color to some of the cardstock flowers in my next tutorial. It adds dimension and a nice contrast to the flower petals. Choose inks that will add color to your flowers or choose not to ink at all. I will be showing you an example of both versions in the next tutorial.

Here's a sneak peek of our next flower.

If you are making this wreath along with me and have posted these flowers to your blog or photo share, please leave a link in the comment section. I would love to see your creations and I am sure that other's will too.

See you on Friday for the next installment.

Have a happy flower making day!



Annette said...

Thanks for sharing thise lovely tutorial..

Vegan said...

Can you reveal the brand of the paper punches that you used? Also, can you suggest a store or online source? I don't think I'll have the time to make the wreath along with you, but I'd love to make some of those paper flowers! Thank you!

Arlette said...

Vegan, the 6-petal flower punch that I own is made by Family Treasures. The scallop punch is from EK Success. The Family Treasures punch is very old and I don't don't know if it is still available. I left you a few links of comparable sized punches. Although the flower punch is slightly smaller, it's close enough in size. Unfortunately, I don't have a favorite online source as I purchase most of my punches locally. I searched and found the following for you:

2" scallop paper punch

1-3/8" flower petal punch

Have fun making flowers. They're very addictive.

Arlette said...

Hi Annette! I hope that you will be able to join me. This is going to be a very easy and fun project. Take care.

sweetiepie said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. Everything you make is always so neat. Thanks for sharing.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [24 Jun 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Sarah said...

This is the second project that I have on my to do list!!!

Janine said...

Very, very pretty dear Lettie.
I am looking foreward to see the tutorial of the upcoming great flower.
It looks like a pretty rose.
I hope everything is coming up roses for you

Anne N. said...

Oh my goodnes, this is so amazing :o)
I will try this, yes!


Kristin said...

Absolutely amazing!

Vegan said...

Thank you, Arlette!

Big Bird said...

These are just beautiful!