Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In The Spirit of Quilting...

I have always referred to myself as a quilter wannabe. That is because I love the idea of combining numerous fabric prints into one compact little project. I enjoy the electic look of a flower, a stripe and some other small print together. Although some may think that the look is too busy, it is pure eye candy to me. I tried making quilts before and found that I didn't really care to deal with large amounts of fabric all in one project. Too overwhelming. I've made hundreds of machine quilted handbags, but those are the largest pieces that I will work with for the time being. I'm not ruling out quilts, by far, because I believe that is where my heart truly lies. I'm putting it on my long list of future endeavors.

Today's pin is in the spirit of quilting. It combines 4 different fabric patterns in one small project. The center is tufted in the style of the tomato pincushion. I added a small button to it's center. The petals are gathered and form pointy little tips. I love the look and hope you do too.


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