Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy To Have The Weekend Behind Me!

It's been a weekend of sporatic computer availability. I think my computer will be taking an early retirement. It's been frustrating to have a connection one moment and none the very next. Imagine this all day long. Blech!

The weekend was filled with a mixed bag of things. The chest freezer in the garage was thoroughly cleaned out and all of the UFO's were thrown away. The icebergs that had accumulated on the upper half of the freezer are no longer there with the help of dear hubbie. I now have an inventory list and a plan to use up it's contents before making any further purchases. Telling myself that I should have bought a frost free freezer is moot but I'm still kicking myself over that purchase. Most of the weeds that were taking up residency have now vacated the premises. The garage has been straightened and swept clean. My cutie-pie love bird, Chirpy, has a clean cage once again and best of all, I managed to start handsewing some of my pins.

Today's pin has petals that are shaped like the previous two that I've made. The flower is topped with a coordinating fabric yoyo and button. I have included a couple of buds to give it a corsage feel and completed the look by adding two lime green colored leaves.

Well, I'm off to the craft room to sew until I can sew no more. Onward and upward!


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Lisa Boyer said...

This one's my favorite! Love the little buds and the color!