Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost There

Hello my friends! I do hope you all have been doing well. I am still here. I haven't combusted (stress!!!) and disappeared into thin air yet. Just one more week until this flurry of making things is over. The Pineapple workshop has been progressing at marathon speed. I'm overwhelmed. Calgon, please, I beg you, take me away!!!!!!

Containers are being stacked in every place possible. Hubby is very kind and never complains about it. Gotta love him!

Here is a bin of hair pins that I've recently completed.

Yummy yo-yo key chains. A colorful feast for my weary eyes.

Sorry for the quality of my pictures. I am in a rush (not unusual) as I am expecting my nieces baby to arrive any minute. Baby sitting is very trying when you're busy-out-of-your-mind, but that is just how it is sometimes!

Have a wonderful day. See you soon!



sweetiepie said...

Wow, Lettie, you are doing great!!! I wish I had that much stuff done. My show is this coming Saturday. It looks like you have a quite a collection of totes in the background of that first picture. Neat!!!

Take care and keep crafting.

Annette said...

Wow you have been busy!!
What do you have a sweet DH..
Love the things you have made.
Good luck waiting on your niece

Karen said...

Hi Lettie....Looks like an amazing collection you have there! Hope your show goes super well! Take a deep breath and relax. Enjoy the show!


Sue from Ky. said...

Your works fasinate me. Everything you make is so bright and cheery and neat.And you are a lot like me in that I hate to waste a fragment of anything. I am forever thinking of ways to utilize any scraps of any material I might be using at any given moment. I hate wasting anything.You are my role model.

Kristin said...

Wow've turned out a ton of gorgeous things!

Merry said...

Wishing you every success at your show.....amazing creations.

Emily said...

Oh My! What lovely objects of desire! Bet they were all gone early!

Mayen said...

Found your blogg by accident, mainly because my favorite food is pinapple, great things you make. I`m going to ad you to my blog list, it`s wired that people on the other side of the world have the same interrest! Been to Hawaii twice, years ago, and brougth back a lot of great fabrics!My blog is so far in norwegian, but I`ll add some English text to, my Asian/Aussie friends have mad a complaint..
-Me ke aloha pumahana-

Janine said...

Dear Lettie
I hope you are fine and doing well.
I have been away for a while but now I enjoy to see the things you made.
Did I get that right?
Are you selling your great items in the pineapple workshop?
If yes, where exactly and when?
I love all the things you make.
And thank you for that great funny video hot glue and you. I laughed tears.
I hope to see more of your stuff soon.

Chrissy said...

Beautiful work! Hope you sell lots!

auntkasey said...

Hi Lettie!

I just found your blog a few days ago and seriously spent hours going over previous posts. You have fabulous ideas and I can't wait to put them to practice! Keep up the great work!

Luciane said...

Hi Lettie, how ara u??
I loved the yo-yo key chains!
It's so nice!
Please, send the tutorial?

hugs from Brazil!


Memorymomentsandmore said...

Love al of your wonderful creations. I live in Georgia. And I need to ask you some questions on some crafts. Can you email me bach?
Thank bunches

Just One More Thing said...

Yor tutorials are fantastic!! What a terrific blog -- I found it some time ago and visit all the time. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

Kerry said...

Dear Lettie,

I have enjoyed reading your Polka Dot Pineapple Blog. You are inspirational and very, very creative! Could you please share your (Thursday, October 30, 2008)
Colorful Rag Handbag Tutorial/Pattern. I would love to make one for myself. Many thanks in advance,