Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rosette Gift Tags

It has become very clear to me after doing several rosette projects like this and this, that if I wanted to continue making more, I would need to find an easier way of doing so. The old ruler and stylus scoring was getting old and tedious and took way too much time. I just couldn't see going on this way.

While doing some Internet shopping, I decided to order the Martha Stewart scoring board. I had hoped that it would be a dream come true for a rosette lover like me. And it was!

I adore this thing. It is so easy to use and makes very straight and even score lines which is an added benefit to making pretty rosettes.

Here are my gift tag prototypes that I put together this morning. With a little polishing of my technique and changing things up a bit, I can see that this is going to work out great for me.

If you are wondering, the big white space in the center of the berry on the left is going to be used to mount the gift recipients photo. I thought that this would be a fun way for them to identify their gift.

The use of a lattice paper edger adds a lovely, frilly border to the rosette. The edger was used after the lines were scored.

Here is a glimpse at the backs of some of the tags. They are very simply done with the aid of a scalloped paper punch, rubber stamps, and ink.

I just love it when I find something that makes my life a little easier and really does work as the product advertises.

Over the past week, I have done quite a bit of Internet shopping for craft supplies. Because shipping can be costly, I was wondering if I should just wait until the early part of next year to continue my quest for more supplies when I visit Las Vegas. I am wondering if anyone knows of any good craft related shopping in Las Vegas that is in the vicinity of Downtown or The Strip as I would be accessing them by taxi. I would love to get my hands on some of the Prima and Tim Holtz product lines and also see them in person before buying.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you have a fantastic day!



The Rusty Teapot said...

Hi There!These look so pretty!, you did a wonderful job. I love the lace edging too,great idea putting a little photo of the person in the center. Lovely touch indeed!

Lorrie said...

These are so pretty. I've never heard of a scoring board - what a great idea!

Janine said...

That looks like a wonderful tool.
Your rosettes indeed do look perfect.
Happy thanksgiving

KaHolly said...

OMG, they are ever so pretty!!

Merry said...

These are so beautiful and love the ones you have used the paper punch on.

Karen said...

Lettie...these are absolutely gorgeous! I especially like those done with the paper punch!

What a fun project!

Happy Thanksgiving!

sweetiepie said...

Those are so neat, Lettie. You are so clever and creative.

Take care.

Annette said...

Wow what beautifull.
Have fun trying to make more, they look so wonderfull!!!

Stephanie D said...

Those are just too cute!

Anita said...

Hi! What a great idea! I'm always on the lookout for clever uses for punches. Looking forward to trying this one myself. :)