Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tutorial--Ruffled Flower Money Bouquet

**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**

Are you looking for a creative way to give a gift of money? A money bouquet may be your answer. This tutorial will show you a very quick and easy way to create a bouquet of flowers in no time. To simplify gift giving, keep a bunch of these flowers stored flat in a box. They will be ready and waiting when the need arises.

For this project, you will need a pen for tracing, cardboard for pattern, 2 contrasting fabrics, needle and thread, skewer, ribbon, a straight edged and scalloped edged scissor, buttons, hot glue gun, and paper money.

From cardboard, cut 3 circles: 5-1/2", 3", 1-1/2" These will become your pattern pieces.

Trace the 5-1/2" circle onto each of the two fabrics.

Center the 3" circle onto each of the 5-1/2" circles and trace.

Center the 1-1/2" circle onto each of the 3" circles and trace.

This is what you will end up with on each piece of fabric.

With your scalloped edge scissor, cut around the 5-1/2" circle, just inside the traced line.

With a straight edged scissor, cut out the 3" circle.

Cut the outside edge of the 3" circle using your scalloped edged scissor.

With your straight edged scissor, cut out the 1-1/2" circle. Discard or save the 1-1/2" circle for another project (perfect for a small yo-yo).

This is what all 4 pieces should look like. Each one will have a scalloped outer edge and a straight inner edge.

With needle and thread, take a running stitch around the straight edge of each circle. Pull thread to gather and tie off with a knot. Repeat this step until you have all 4 circles sewn and gathered in the same manner.

To assemble, place the large gathered piece onto a flat surface, right side facing up. Add the small contrasting gathered piece, also with the right side facing up. Top with a contrasting button. Sew together using needle and thread (You may also prefer to glue the components together). Repeat this step for the other side of the flower.

Gather the components together. Please note that I have also wrapped the skewer with brown ribbon. The completed flower looks just as nice without the ribbon if you should decided to skip this step.

With your hot glue gun, glue the skewer to the back of one side of the flower.

Add another dab of hot glue onto the skewer and top with the other side of the flower. Here is a side view of the completed flower.

Tie the paper money (acordian fold the center) to the stem using ribbon. In this picture, I have folded the dollar bill in half to see what it would look like. It is a bit smaller but it still works.

*Please note that you will end up with a slightly different look to each side of the flower. This will give your money bouquet much more interest and contrast.

If you don't want to make this into a money bouquet, a fabric flower leaf can be added instead. This would make a cute addition to a little girl's bedroom decor.

I can also envision small gift items tied to the stem for other occasions. How about attaching a gift card for coffee and handing it out to your coworkers for Christmas or maybe other small gift items tied to the stems as a shower gift.

As a small graduation token, a flower made in school colors can be handed out to classmates. Or a whole bouquet in school colors would be a fabulous graduation gift for that special graduate (with money attached, of course!)

*Please note: If you will be handing out these flowers individually, be sure to glue the pointed end of the skewer into the flower so no one will get poked.

This is the money bouquet that I created a couple of months ago. I have slightly modified the pattern for this tutorial.

To create the bouquet, I placed styrofoam into a small flower pot, added the flowers and covered the mechanics with a little bit of silk ivy.


**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**


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That is such a cute idea and it adds such a personal touch to a gift of money.

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I have just recently found your blog..and love it. You have so many wonderful ideas..and your tutorials are great. I am loving them all..,and wanted to tell you...You have inspired me to get off my behind and start to craft again. Thanks a bunch..:)

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