Saturday, February 7, 2009

Attaching Pin Backs

**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**

Aside from designing and sewing handbags, one of my favorite things to make are fabric flower pins. In my previous posts, I have recommended gluing the pin back directly onto the felt backing of the flower pin. Of course, there are far better and more finished ways to attach a pin back and I would like to address that in this post.

This is the way that you usually see me doing it in my tutorials, just because I'm lazy like that...ha! The pin back is directly glued onto the felt backing.

For a more finished look to the above method, glue a small felt square over the bar. This will hide the mechanics for a nicer, more finished look. I used a contrasting piece of felt for this demonstration, but I recommend that you use the same color for a more seamless look.

The next method is to take a needle and thread (I used a non-matching thread for demonstration purposes so that you could see it better), and hand sew the pin back onto a small square of felt. Once the sewing is done, glue the felt piece onto the back of your pin.

This is one of the nicest and cleanest ways to finish off a pin back. Start with a small square of felt. Cut two tiny slits that match both ends of the pin back. Feed both ends of the pin back through the slits before gluing it onto your pin. You will be hiding the bar and finishing the back of your pin in one fell swoop.

So much ado about attaching pin backs, huh? LOL I hope that you will give one of these methods a try.

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SG said...

Thanks for one more of your secrets!

Craftpassion said...

This is cool. Thanks for sharing, will try your methods when I start doing pin.

sweetiepie said...

This is good information. Thanks for sharing. I do mine the lazy way because I procrastinate until the last

Martha Mollichella said...

thanks very much for sharing this.
greetings from Rome, Itay