Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yo-Yo Lollipop--What A Week!!!

I have been away from my blog for so long because I have been dealing with a bunch of household matters. As I type, there are two loud-mouthed guys (Eek and Irk) outside of my house who are here to install our solar water heater. Lot's of booming and banging going on too. I just turned up the volume on my television to drown them out. They are eek and irking me to no end!?!?!?!

And to make matters worse, I just received a call from my dentist office. I MISSED MY APPOINTMENT this morning! Can you hear me screaming??? I never miss appointments. I've totally lost my mind, I tell you.

Breathe...breathe...Calgon, please take me away, I beg you........

After much contemplation, I decided to add a "sugar coating" to the yo-yo lollipops (notice the center yo-yo) with the addition of glass seed beads. It seemed too plain and as if I had just slapped a couple of yo-yo's onto a stick without giving it much thought. The glass seed beads will add a glint of shimmer and will make this a special keepsake ornament. Yes, I'll be beading until forever, but perhaps it will take my mind off of everything else that is going on around here.

I have seen so many beautiful needlebooks posted on blogs lately. I am a person with many pincushions but no needlebooks so I decided to finally remedy that. Of course, it had to be beaded because I love beads. I figured this would also be the perfect opportunity to work further with folded hexagons and to create something unique. I decided to add patchwork segments to the hexagons, something that I have never done before. Voila! I love it!

A look at the inside...Four hexagon wool felt "pages" for my needles.

I doubt I'll get any crafting done this week with everything that is going on around here. So....if I fail to show up tomorrow or the next day, you will know that I've been admitted to the loony bin. Instead of flowers, please send Calgon. Thanks.



sweetiepie said...

I love the beading on your lollipop. It really sets it off. I also love the needle book. Very pretty.

I hope Eek and Irk don't make you too crazy. Have a nice day.

crafty diane said...

I love the beading on your lollipop! I, too love beads! And the needlebook is simply gorgeous! I'm curious how you sewed the fabic together before folding it. The colors are fantastic. I love rich bold colors!
Have a Blessed Day,

Sandra :) said...

Your lollipops went from bling to *BLING!* !!! Those beads definitely take the projects up a notch, but if it were me, I'd be blind from working with such tininess!

Good luck with Eek and Irk, lol. I think they've worked at my house too *rolls eyes in remembrance* :D

Stay away from the loony bin, and the Calgon is on it's way from Canada, LOL.

Lynn said...

The beads are pretty, but I like the plain lollies too. Never heard of a needle book before, I like the idea.
All I can say is "contractors!!!!!"

Cathi said...

Your beaded lollipop is super -- really makes a big difference and turns them into special eye candy! I love your needle book11 what a super idea -- and so different!
As to Eek and Irk -- just keep your fingers crossed they're done and out of there sooner rather than later. Earplugs, maybe?

Anonymous said...

Wow - your lollipops are absolutely yummy looking!

Stephanie D said...

Oh, the beading is just perfect! Liking that shimmer!

I hate it when my routine is all scrambled--my brain turns to mush and nothing gets accomplished.

Hope it doesn't take them too long!

Rowena said...

Tsk tsk..missing your dental appointment! Well, if dentists still operate how they did when I used to live there, that means another long wait for another visit. My dentist was always so booked up!

When I see the beading it makes me think that you are one lucky lady to still have agile fingers. Those are so tiny, I can only imagine how you are able to attach them onto the yo-yo in such a neat fashion!

Teresa said...

This is my first visit to your site and I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts. Your tutorial on the folded hexagon is great and I want to try this. I have listed your blog on my bloglines and look forward to keeping in touch.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Just too cute!

I'm doing my first little craft fair in SW MO in October. I really must get to stitching.

I've enjoyed yoyos for years. I've made some coasters to sell.

You're inspiring me!


Anonymous said...

The loony bin is getting full. I like the beads but I'm a beader anyway.

Janie in MO

Lorraine said...

Sugared Lolly's - Sew Sweet! Love em' and the needle book is fabulous.

Priscilla said...

The sugar coating is perfect!! (although I don't envy you sewing them all on lol)