Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Seasonal Spin

Candy corn, hot spiced cider, a bowl of steaming hot chili with a tasty slab of cornbread. A flower pin as delicious as a caramel apple.

Peppermint candy canes, hot chocolate with marshmallows, Christmas carols. A sweet sugarplum pin to wear during the Christmas season.

If you haven't figured it out yet, fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I am not an outdoorsy-type person so spring and summer do not interest me at all. Phooey to hot stifling weather. On a cool winter's day, you can find me in front of the window with a hot beverage in hand while watching the rain fall. That, my friends, is my idea of an enjoyable day.

It sure is fun celebrating the holidays in July as it takes my mind off of the heat and humidity of summer. I'm happy that many of you are playing along even though you probably think that I've totally lost my mind.

In honor of Rudolph and the boys, I am adding these two flower pins to the pot. Yes, my friends, one lucky person will win these two pins along with...

a Polka Dotted Christmas Stocking...

and little miss Yo-Yo Annie.

I hope you have a glorious day.


**If you'd like to enter to win the pins, Christmas stocking, and Yo-Yo Annie, please leave a comment about your favorite Christmas memory here. Only comments made on my post of 6/30/08 will be eligible.**


sweetiepie said...

Oh, yum, Lettie. Your flower pins look and sound delicious. I got chills just reading your post today about fall and winter. Or, maybe I just have the air conditioner turned to low.

Doesn't matter. I am ready to trim the tree!

Cathi said...

Your flower pins are way too edible for words!! I love them both -- but the caramel apple one really made me think of our late summer/early fall, when the days are warm and the nights are getting cooler and when the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto is on. There are always lots of caramel apples to be found at the CNE!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your pins. I have some of the candy cane fabric, now I know what to make with it.

Janie in MO

annemarie said...

Love this pins - everyday I am amazed at what you make Lettie!! It is so much fun to visit your blog.

Laila said...

Great flower pins.;-)
I love every time of the year.But it is great in atumn and winter if you can stay in doors and sew. But when you have to go outdoors in more than 15 degrees below zero... Brr. Then it is good to come indoors again. Klem

Rowena said...

Speaking as a Hawaii girl when I was still living there, you know as much as I do that the seasons differentiate themselves only in terms of (+/-) hot/cool and (+/-)rainy/sunny. Summer is always the worst it seems!

Over here it's a whole new ballgame and I still say summer is the worst. It's good only for ripening vegetables and fruit! LOL