Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Ramblings

I haven't had much time to work with my hexagons over the last week but I am still making some progress. Although my fingers have been taking a huge hit from the sewing needle, I'm still chugging along. They're very tender and just plain beat up from guiding it through the fabric. It's scary to think how much worse they could get.

I have employed every piece of finger armor that I own but haven't found the right one to do the job yet. Most of the thimbles hurt the sides of my fingers or simply just fall off. The leather thimble feels uncomfortable and cumbersome. There just has to be something better than the bandaids that I have resorted to using. Finger pain hasn't stopped me before and most likely will not stop me now as I am loving the process way too much.

On another note, my diet is going nowhere fast. At this point in my life, I am lacking the motivation needed to lose weight. It isn't unusual for me to go through periods like this but I usually recover rather quickly. In this case, I haven't. I don't know if public humiliation(posting to my blog)is doing me in or helping me at this point. My pants are becoming tight again so I know that I am moving in the wrong direction. *Sigh*

Take care!



Sherry said...

Hi Arlette
Being a new quilter I have wondered how do you do the hexagon quilts. Now I see how you do it and I don’t think I will be doing one soon. I will have to enjoy looking at your lovely work because I know I will not be a happy camper with sore fingers. Its looking Greattttt.

Janine said...

Hallo Arlette,
It´s really too funny,that I post a picture with too many mistaces in it.
And too nice of you to show me in this discret and friendly way.
I corrected the picture, this shame has been deleted ;0)
I need to look more often in the dictionairy.
Thank you for your sweet comment and go on with that great quilt.
Have a good week.

Missy Ann said...

Have you tried "Thimble It" pads yet? Most fabric stores (Hancock etc.) stock them. They're cheap and one of my quilt teachers swore by them for hand work.

Jackie said...

I am also not a stranger to finger pain. Mainly my middle finger on my right hand. That is the one that I shove the needle through the fabric with. I can't seem to work well with a thimble so I just keep plugging along. Love all your hexies!

Sharon said...

Maybe it's water weight?????? Let's just say it is ok? Cause I'm going with that too.

Stephanie D. said...

I bought the little metal piece that you stick to your fingers, but haven't done any handwork in a while, so don't know how useful they are. But it's an idea.

Maybe you should step up your water intake?

Suze said...

Wow, a hexagon quilt! I don't think I would attempt that. I can't even make a hexagon flower without thinking that something is wrong with it. lol. I hope you find a solution for your hurting fingers.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I am sorry about your diet :(
Maybe if you just do one thing differently: like stop eating after 7pm, or 100% whole grain carbs only or maybe a 20 minute walk each morning? Just a thought.

Stay Motivated,

Janine said...

Dear Arlette,
I was sure that you saw the mistake.
I wrote "to heavy.. " instead of "too heavy".
But it is good for my that you saw the painting and not the mistake.
Your sweet comment makes my day.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried "Ultra Thimble"? One comment above mentioned that it is a piece of metal you stick to the tip of your finger. I, too, am an avid hand quilter and my fingers get extra tender because of this. I, too, have trouble finding a thimble that I can just chug along in....finally, I tried the Ultra Thimble and it solved almost all my hand quilting problems. Just google Ultra Thimble and you'll find several places to buy it at...I found mine at Hancock and now that I know it's available online, that's even better. Good luck!

Catherine said...

There's a thimble that I absolutely love (and I've tried a lot of different ones). I call it the "grey blob" thimble. One of the quilt stores here carries it and calls it the "Comfort Thimble". While I wear a metal thimble to quilt, I always wear my grey blob when piecing -- definitely makes it easier to push the needle through.

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, your hex quilt looks like it is coming along great. I love the colors. I can't wait to see the finished product. I hope you find a simple solution to end your finger pain.

Sorry your diet isn't working out as you have planned. Don't give up, just try something different.

emy said...

Hallo Arlette! I sent you a mail.

Thank you!

RobynK said...

Dear Arlette

Liuxin Newman aka 'The Thimble Lady' has invented a new tool for lovers of handstitching such as yourself. It is called the Stitch Regulator and there is a review of it by Clare Mooney in the Australian Quilters Companion no36.Essentially the two pieces to be joined are clipped in place between 2 'stitch regulators' and you then whip them together over the top. I know it sounds complicated but check it out at
I have no affiliation to Ms Newman.
Robyn, New Zealand

W. Latane Barton said...

I too was having trouble with a thimble cutting into the side of my finger. So, I took a thimble just a tad too big. Cut a small band-aid in half longwise and wrap it around my finger. Then the thimble goes on and no more pain.

wendita said...

Maybe you just need a different motivation? I tried to loose weight for years, but never really had any success until I actually stopped trying to loose weight. Instead I found I was much more motivated to change my diet towards eating real foods (no synthetic, pre-processed foods), and learning how to make basic things, like bread, myself. I also decided to give yoga a try and made a vow to drive less often, which meant I got some exercise in without thinking "ok I have to exercise today." Anyway, good luck!

Threeundertwo said...

I'm so sorry about your finger pain. My favorite thimble is a little black leather one called a "nimble thimble." They're very inexpensive and I buy 3-4 at a time because they eventually stretch out.

Good luck! I love your hexagons.

Jenessa said...

your hexagons are awesome! i just don't have the patience to do that... but somehow i do for embroidery, go figure. pick up a mantra to help you with weight loss, something that works for you and say it when you need to (maybe not out loud, i don't think you want to be sent away). something like i deserve to be healthy. or i deserve to fit into this outfit... whatever it is that will work for you. it doesn't always work for me, but 2 out of 3 times isn't bad.

craftydiane said...

I use a leather thimble, but not like the white one in your picture. I discovered that those just wear a hole in them after the needle hits it a while and so I was back to poking my finger even with it on. I get the tan leather thimbles that are called coin thimbles. They have a metal piece that is about the size of a dime in them and that is what you push the needle through with. They are usually a little big and I take a large needle and strong thread and cut them down and resew them. They feel strange at first but after awhile they form to your finger and feel like they belong there. I have never been able to use a regular kind of thimble cause I do not like the feel of it on my finger. Hope this helps.
Have a Blessed Day,