Monday, April 13, 2009

Diet Challenge

It is obvious that I haven't been pouring my heart and soul into the diet challenge. Although I haven't lost any weight recently, I am still happy to be maintaining.

The one thing that I will admit to is having an out of control sweet tooth. I am constantly on the prowl for dessert recipes with less calories and fat than their original counterparts. I love quick breads and I can gobble up more than my share in one sitting. As soon as I have some time, I plan to give
this recipe a try for Addictive Pumpkin Muffins. It has very good reviews and ratings so it must be good. I'll let you know.

From the moment that I first began paper piecing I knew that I would make a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. I also knew that my fabric choices would be on the traditional side to complement the pattern. Although these colors and prints aren't my favorite, it's growing on me.

I couldn't limit myself to just one project at a time. I am currently working on another one using jewel-toned fabrics. The earthy, rich colors of Autumn and Winter are my favorites. This isn't surprising as Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons.

If you haven't tried paper piecing, I urge you to give it a try. I have no doubt that you will become hooked too.

Take care!



Stephanie D. said...

I love the jewel tones! But I cannot get my head around paper piecing. Something just doesn't click for me. But Cathi's Inklingo hexagons are great, so someday I might try those.

Sherri said...

I love working on Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks...and now I think I'm going to start another one (out of different fabrics) before I finish my first one!!!

Janine said...

Hi Arlett,
sometimes it´s hard.
I know that to well.
I made a little funny painting about that subject.
You can see it on my blog.
Greetings from Germany

Tolentreasures said...

Love the jewel tones, they are beautiful, oh how I wish that I only had TWO projects started instead of TWO dozen. Can't wait to see the finished project!


Deana said...

I love the jewel tones! My mother made a very small grandmothers flower garden quilt using juveniles for my daughter. She had my daughter (who was about 4 at the time) help on one of the flowers. It turned out great and it is always somewhere on the bed. I just love how versitle this quilt pattern is! Both of yours will be beautiful when you are done with them!

Busym1 said...

I have never quilted, but have thought about it! I think your project will be wonderful when done! Can't wait to see! hugs, michelle

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, you make everything look so easy. I have never tried paper piecing, but I might look into it.

I am sure both the projects you are working on will turn out beautiful!

Take care.

Julie said...

SNAP! Love hexagons too....I have just finished using the fabric you have in your jewel hexes on a project of my own (not hexes however!!)....made me smile to see it and I just had to make a comment!!

Connie Gail said...

It is going to be fun to see how the quilts turn out - especially since the color/patterns are different. You are stirring my interest in doing one of these quilts...:O)

Today would have been a perfect day for those pumpkin muffins. It was gray, cold and we had a few snow flurries. Let us know what 'version' you chose to make your muffins. Lots of reviews/changes to choose from.

Craftpassion said...

A slow and steady weight loss is better than a quick one, the later will make it bounce back faster :)
Love your colourful hexagons. Can't wait to see your Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and what you are going to come out with the jewel-toned hexas!!!

Annette said...

I have caught your hexagon bug and am starting one of my own. I mentioned your lovely ones on my blog.

Suze said...

I like the jewel toned hexagons.