Monday, February 15, 2010

Fleur de marguerite

**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**

A bouquet of delicate daisies. Quick and easy to make and oh so pretty to look at.

To create these daisies, you will need scraps of fabric approximately 3" x 6" for the petals and 1-1/2" square for the flower center. You will also need a 3-inch square and a 1-1/2-inch square of Heat 'n Bond Ultra Hold, a 5/8" button, hot glue, floral tape, and floral wire. If you would like to add leaves to your bouquet, you will need green fabric, Heat 'n Bond, white glue, floral wire and floral tape.

Begin by making the following circle templates from cardboard:
Flower Petals--2-3/4"
Flower Center--1-1/4"

Fuse the 3-inch square piece of Heat 'n Bond to the wrong side of the petal fabric. Remove the paper backing.

Fuse the fabric to the wrong side of the remaining petal fabric.

Place the 2-3/4" petal template onto the fabric and trace lightly with a pencil or disappearing ink pen. Cut out the circle along the traced line.

Place the 1-1/4" flower center template onto the non-glue side of the 1-1/2" piece of Heat 'n Bond and trace with a pencil. Fuse to the wrong side of the of flower center fabric. Cut out the circle along the traced line.

Remove the paper backing from the 1-1/4" circle and fuse it to the center of the 2-3/4" circle.

You will be cutting 12 slits evenly around the outer circle. Cut ONE slit all the way to the flower center. Cut and remove completely two sections of petals, one from each side of the slit.
Follow the diagram for cutting.

Trim off a thin sliver on both sides of each slit. The space between the slits should measure between 1/16th and 1/32th of an inch. This will give you a slight separation between the petals. Keep in mind that each petal does not need to look exactly the same. Mother Nature's own work is seldom duplicated.

To create the flower stem, run the floral wire (approx. 18" or whatever size you'd prefer) through the button hole starting at the bottom of the button and back down through the other hole.

Twist the wire securely to keep the button firmly in place.

Place a small glob of glue onto one of the tabs(where the petals were removed).

Bring the tabs together around the stem, overlapping the tabs until the flower petals are close to each other.

Optional: Adding stems of leaves to the bouquet.
To make a simple pattern, start off with a 1" x 2" piece of cardboard. Round off both bottom corners. Cut to a point at the top. Use this pattern to trace onto fused green fabric and cut out on the traced lines.

Glue a 4" piece of floral wire to the underside of each of the leaves. Let dry completely.

Create the stem with a double strand of wire (approximately 12-1/2" or whatever size you'd prefer). Wrap with floral tape, adding leaves as you go around.

Create several stems of leaves to act as filler in your bouquet.

As you can see, the addition of leaves adds fullness and interest to the bouquet.

There you have it, a whimsical bouquet of fleur de marguerite to brighten your day.

This would make a wonderful bouquet for Easter or for Mother's Day or simply to welcome in Spring.

Take care, everyone!



Anonymous said...

amazing! I will love to make some of these for my little girl's room!

Barb said...

Absolutely wonderful! I just may have to try this! Thanks.

Zlaty said...

Very pretty! Thank you so much for the tutorial Lettie!

I can use some flowers as we have a lot of snow out! Brrrr... cold.

Happy sewing and crafting!

CreativeHands said...

Very pretty and very creative!!

KaHolly said...

Excellent tutorial! A fun and imaginative way to use up scraps! Thank you. Have a happy day! ~karen

Unknown said...

original ,very original!

Deb said...

Great tutorial! I think that my daughter would have so much fun making some of these - will make for a great weekend project.

Anonymous said...

Lettie, these are so cute!! said...

Aww, these are so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking to this post.

Tolentreasures said...

Adorable, as always!


Lynn S. said...

One more time! VERY creative and CUTE! Thanks!

Kim D. said...

I love these, very pretty.

Suze said...

Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Khris said...

Very cute are on a roll with flowers lately...hugs Khris

Diane Gilleland said...

My goodness, these are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this how-to!

sweetiepie said...

How pretty and colorful!!! Just the thing to take away my winter blahs. I am so tired of looking at snow. Thanks for sharing.

Take care.

Kristin said...

You are so talented and they are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Lettie, I just love these. Any flowers I love. I think these would be fun to make as a "pick" in our floral shop.
I can't remember how I found you or if I've commented yet, but i want to say I love your creativity! I've been folding all my saved plastic shopping bags and thinking about cutting up t-shirts to make "yarn" thanks for sharing

Janine said...

Whata wonderful tutorial.
I love all your differt flowers.
Thank you, dear Lettie, for bringing the spring to blogland.
Have a great sunday

Louise said...

Your blog is amazing!

Sue from Ky. said...

I can't believe my sister,Vicki, at My Favorite Things hasn't mentioned your site to me. You have so many projects that I would love to try. I found you via her blog. She follows you regularly. I will check back more often now that I've seen your site. Love all I've seen so far. Later!