Friday, November 20, 2009


We're home now and hubby is doing well. Thank you for your prayers. It was comforting to know that we had the force behind us as we tackled yet another life circumstance.
Leaving Raleigh was a blur. We received a call from the airlines at 6:00am notifying us that our 10:30am flight had been cancelled. That meant that we were forced to make a mad dash to the airport to catch an 8:45am flight instead. To make matters worse, there was thick fog that blanketed most of Raleigh which made driving rather scary. We arrived at the ticket counter, only to find out that our seating was now a mess, and that on our last leg of the trip, hubby would be sitting in row 10 and me in row 40. The guy to my right was constantly blowing his nose, and the guy to my left looked ill, covered himself in a blanket as if he had the chills, and had a constant hacking cough. For 7 hours, he coughed. I couldn't change my seat as the flight was completely booked.
To make a long story short, two days later, I got sick with the flu. H1N1??? A good possibility. The symptoms point that way. The first and second day was so terrible that it left me wishing for death. Today, the third day into this, I'm feeling much better and glad that the big guy didn't grant my wish. What a difference a day makes.
And, to keep this post from becoming more than a bunch of whining, I thought I'd show you a cute handcrafted item that I fell in love with. This little angel is made from a real cotton boll. Isn't she sweet? I purchased her at the Natural History Museum in Raleigh.

I wanted you all to know that I'm still here and haven't abandoned my blog. I'll be back as soon as I feel better. For now, I'm heading back to bed. Cough, cough, sniff, sniff.
See you soon!


Disrepaired said...

Get well soon and I'm glad things went well for your hubby. :)

suz said...

Glad to hear your husband is doing better, now I hope you get back on your feet!

Jilly's Space said...

Feel better soon, I love your posts!

Annette said...

What an awful trip home. So glad to hear that your husband is doing well. I hope that are too, very soon.

JG said...

Good to learn that your hubby is doing well. Hope that you feel better soon. Get some rest.

Jenny said...

Well heavens, what an awful trip! I'm sorry it was so awful but I hope now that you're both home you'll be mending in minutes.

sweetiepie said...

Don't you just hate it when people won't stay home when they are ill. I am so sorry you had to go through that and I pray your hubbie doesn't get it as well.

I love your angel.

Are you doing your regular craft shows this year?

Take care.

Sandra :) said...

I'm glad you're both home safe and relatively sound, and that hubby is doing well. Sorry you got sick tho - at least you got sick at home, and not during the trip!

Anonymous said...

Be better soon, Lettie! Glad you made it home, and that your hubby is doing well.

ZlataR said...

saw that you looked at my blog - thanks, it was very nice!
Now I read about your illness. How sad, we now also an epidemic of influenza, and so terribly ill. Get better soon!

Karen said...

Lettie, I am so sorry that you & hubby have had the flu! Sounds like it is everywhere. So far, so good with myself and hubby...but we are 65+ and hoping that we DO have a bit of immunity because of our ages. If that is to be believed (LOL).

Take care

Zlaty said...

oh Lettie, I hope you feel much better soon!


Janine said...

Poor Lettie,
Flying is the most unpleasant way to travell. It might be fast, it might be reasonable when you have to travell big distances, but it is allways awefull.
The guy infront of you will put his chair back, untill he is almost sitting on your lap.
Behind you there is this sreaming child who is boxing in your back.
And there is allways somebody who is ill at your side. I hate to fly.

Iám glad your hubby is doing well.
I hope you will recover soon.
Have a good weekend

SG said...

What a trip! Get well soon! I'm glad everything is OK with your hubby!

Thearica said...

Hi Lettie! You arent alone with the flu bug..My husband and I went to the mountains this weekend for my birthday and we came home with the flu...both of us..yuck! We have been inside all day! I made a small wallhanging though so not all was lost.

I am glad your hubby made the flight ok and is doing well. Wishes for a full speedy recovery!

You get well soon too!

Elly D said...

Oh Lettie, just popped in to see what you were up to and discovered you are sick with a horrid bug! That flight sounds like it was horrendous!! I hope you are well soon. Take it easy! hugs Elly

Anonymous said...

Hope you will feel better SOON!


Jutus said...

Örülök hogy a gyógyulás útjára léptél! Mielőbbi teljes felgyógyulást kívánok!!!!!

Stephanie D said...

Glad you both are home and safe, but sorry to hear about the illness. I'm climbing off my sofa to post this, too!