Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick 'n Easy Fabric Bookmark

**This tutorial is intended for personal use only.**

Do you need a cute bookmark to jazz up your summer reading? Paper is a wonderful and fun medium to work in, but you all know me, I love fabric. So, I decided to make a quick 'n easy bookmark, held together entirely by Heat 'n Bond iron on adhesive.

I prefer Heat'n Bond Ultrahold for projects that do not require sewing.

This is a fabulous way to use up all those small pieces of scrap fabric that you have laying around.

You will need:
* 2 pieces of fabric in the same print approx. 6-1/2" in length x 2- 1/2" in width

* 1 piece of contrasting fabric approx. 5-1/2" in length x 2" in width

* small piece of fabric for the flower embellishment approx. 2" x 2"

* 3 pieces of Heat 'n Bond that measure approx. 6-1/2" x 2-1/2", 5-1/2" x 2", 2" x 2"

* Draw a flower shape of your liking to the paper side of the 2 x 2" Heat 'n Bond piece.

Iron the 6-1/2" x 2-1/2" Heat 'n Bond strip to the wrong side of the fabric of the same size.
Iron the 5-1/2" x 2" Heat 'n Bond strip to the wrong side of the fabric of the same size.
Iron the 2" x 2" Heat 'n Bond piece to the wrong side of the fabric of the same size.

Remove the paper from the Heat 'n Bond on the 6-1/2" x 2-1/2" piece of fabric. Fuse it to the wrong side of the remaining piece of fabric of the same size.

With rotary cutter, trim the larger piece to 6" x 2" and the smaller piece to 5-1/8" x 1-1/2".
Remove paper backing from the 5-1/8" piece and fuse it to the center of the 6" piece.
Cut out the flower, remove paper backing, and fuse it to the top of the bookmark.
You can embellish the flower center with a button if you wish or embellish it in any way you choose. I prefer to cut random shapes from other fused pieces of coordinating fabric and using it for the flower center to keep the bookmark flat. The choice is yours. Embellish away!

This is the completed bookmark.

A close-up of the flower.

This bookmark is fast and easy to make. I'd love receiving something like this tucked between the pages of a book that I received as a gift.

Just a thought...If you're a frequent visitor to the library, how about using this bookmark as a RAOK. How about attaching a tag to the back of the bookmark with a cute sentiment about kindness and passing it on and then tucking it into a random book on the library shelf. Imagine the delight of the person as they open the book to find a sweet sentiment from a stranger. Make this world a better place, one bookmark, one random act of kindness at a time!



wendy said...

I love all your ideas! I made my first YoYO the other night and now I cant wait to make this bookmark!Thank You for sharing!

Tins and Treasures said...

That would be sweet to check out a library book to find a handmade bookmark inside!!
Tomorrow's Friday!! Take care ~Natalie

Deana said...

Oh what a neat idea! I wish we had seen these before the end my daughters school year. They would make great Teacher's gifts! Plus my daughter could have made them herself. Will have to keep these in mind for a project later this summer. Thanks for sharing! Love the RAOK idea, too!

Annette said...

I love both ideas...the pretty bookmark and also the random library book idea. How fun...I'm going to try it. Thanks.

Janine said...

Hi Lettie,
I really like you (not knowing you really and just following your blog from the other side of the world)
Well, I think you are kind and caring person.
You share your creativity with us. And the sweet idea, with the library shows, that I´m right.
Have a wonderful weekend

Busym1 said...

What a sweet idea! I work in a library in town here in Pa. would this not be cool for me to do for our library? I think I just might! Thanks so much for your idea and sharing your work and patterns with us all! Your so nice! hugs, michelle

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, you always have such wonderful ideas.

Take care.

Julie said...

Thank you for you generosity! I love browsing you blog - you inspire me!

crafty diane said...

What a great bookmark! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Have a Blessed Day,

SG said...

You did it again! Thank you for the great tutorial, it's a gorgeous bookmark! And your idea for the library is so sweet!

emy said...

Favoloso!!! Grazie Arlette!!!

Dawn said...

Thanks Lettie!! You have the cutest ideas...thanks for sharing!!

SW said...

Hi Letti,

this is a nice idea! I will make some for my girl friends.

Gredings from germany

Terry said...

What a great way to make a bookmark! And I love the idea about the RAK too! Thanks! :0)

Swedie said...

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and tutorials! You have so many great ideas for small gifts that are quick to make and nice to give. I really appreciate your sharing them.


Threeundertwo said...

This is such a great idea - thank you for the tutorial!

Lorraine said...

What a great use for scraps. You always have such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie D said...

Cute idea! Thanks!

imanmom said...

hai...i love your blog creative and full idea...happy always

Dolores said...

Thank you for this little tutorial on the bookmark. I plan on making a few since most of my family are readers. You could personalize it with the intended recipient's favourite colour.

jeanette h said...

wow what a great sight you have made, just love the book mark, what a great way to use up my scrap bits, thanks for sharing,I will definately be back to look at some more of your tutorials, once again great sight thanks

Jilly's Space said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've had it saved for a while and just got around to making one yesterday. I blogged about it, if you want to check it out :-)

Unknown said...

You are indeed a fabric masters ! Nice work