Thursday, January 22, 2009

Signs and Tags

Signage is a very important element to a craft fair table. Many people use computer generated signs. They're clean and easy to read. I choose a more cutesy, handmade approach to sign making as you will see in the pictures below.

To create my signs, I use 110 weight cardstock. I have used acid free scrapbooking paper (expensive) in a pinch but this is not necessary. Regular old cardstock (cheap) will do the trick.

Once again, Heat 'n Bond Ultra comes in handy. This stuff is not only great for bonding fabric together, but it works for paper too.

Use your paper punches for the decorative elements on your sign. You can also use a scissor to cut your shapes.

I normally cut the Heat'n Bond to the same size as a sheet of cardstock. I use an iron to adhere the Heat'n Bond to the cardstock. If you have trouble with the cardstock warping due to the heat, place the freshly bonded cardstock onto a flat surface and pile some books on top of it. When the cardstock has cooled, remove it from under the books. It should now be flat and easy to work with.

Do not remove the paper backed Heat'n Bond from the cardstock until after it has been punched. The backing has a waxy finish to it that will help it to glide easily through the paper punch. Removing the paper backing prior to punching will make the cardstock stick to the punch and make punching more difficult.

The following three photo's will show you several sign designs that I have used in the past. All elements have been attached using Heat 'n Bond. Eliminating liquid glue also eliminates the mess. Use your iron to attach each element to your sign.

This sign is a snowflake design that I have used for fairs done during the winter months.

This is a simple circle posy design that can be used all year. Notice that on this sign I have used clear contact paper over the face of the sign to protect it from over handling and also from the elements.

All you scrapbookers out there will recognize this peppermint candy design. It is made using round paper punched pieces that have been cut apart and then reassembled into a delicious looking peppermint candy. Hmmmm....wish I had one now! LOL

I also make my own hangtags. I use these types of tags on large items such as handbags. The following is a sample of some that you can easily assemble using paper and other elements. You'd be surprised at how many customers appreciate creative and interesting hangtags.

Some of you may already have paper punches in the shapes of tags. I don't, so I just cut pieces of cardstock, nip off the top corners, punch a hole in the center top, add the decorative elements and some string for hanging.

This tag is completely made from paper, Heat'n Bond and a hot iron.

Fabric yo-yo lovers have atleast a gazillion of these beauties hanging around just waiting for a project to be used on. Topped with a button, these make an interesting and eye catching tag.

The next 3 tags show you that you can use any shape to create a tag. Who says your tag cannot be round or perhaps a flower or triangular shape. Use your imagination and create something pleasing in design. Your customers will love that you've taken the time to add one more interesting and thoughtful component to your handcrafted pieces.

The paper elements on this tag have been fused using an iron and Heat'n Bond. Hot glue a button to the flower center for added visual appeal.

Scrapbooking elements, like these that were given to me by Lorraine, can also be used to create an eye catching design.

How about small silk flowers? They add a very boutique feel to your tags.

Remember, the items that I have shown you are just a few of the things that you can add to your signs and hangtags. You can use crocheted flowers, flower trims that can be purchased by the yard and then cut into individual pieces, natural things such as pressed flowers and leaves, even shapes cut from fabric. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you, everyone, for your concern and well wishes as I went through the colonoscopy. I think that anytime we go through procedures to see if everything is in good working order, we experience anxiety and fear. I know my imagination goes wild and I start thinking of all of the bad that a test can reveal. Thankfully, everything went very well. A small non-cancerous polyp was removed and I am fine. After returning home from the hospital, I dove into bed and slept the anesthesia off until the next morning.

I have to say that the worst part of the procedure is the prep. Drinking a gallon of salty liquid (the drink from hell, according to Stephanie.) within a 4 hour period wasn't pleasant at all. Stephanie's recommendation (she's an RN) to use a straw is spot on, and is exactly how I did it. Whenever I have something unpleasant to drink, I always reach for a straw. Just be very careful when putting a straw into the back of your throat as the tissue there is very soft and can easily be injured due to the straw's rigidness.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!



sweetiepie said...

Lettie, your tags are wonderful! You are so creative. I am sure your customers appreciate all the little extras you include with your merchandise. I can see putting a magnet on the back of one of your pretty purse tags and hanging it on the fridge. It is like a gift included with the purchase.

I am happy to hear your colonoscopy went well. It is always nice to have good news.

Take care.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love all the tags you have made. Thanks for the how to lesson. Very cute.
Glad the colonoscopy went as well as that can go. LOL Also glad that everything in there was ok. Now your safe for what ten years?? WOOHOOO

kelly said...

great ideas!! Love it.

A said...

I visit your blog often for inspiration - the colors and your designs are so cheery and beautiful. I'm a beginning crafter/sew-er myself so I love the tutorials and your detailed descriptions!

Lorraine said...

Lettie your tags and signs are all works of art. It's the details that make your work so special! Glad the test is over and you can rest easy.

Patti J said...

You are SO clever! Thanks for sharing! Glad your test is over! Well wishes from a little town in Missouri!

Lilly said...

Oh, how pretty. You amaze me! You are so kind to share all your crafty ideas with us. Glad to hear your test went well. It is time for me to have another one, but I keep putting it off. Take care...

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear your procedure went well. What a great idea for the signs and tags. This might be a silly question but I just got the new state quarter which is Hawaii and I was wondering if you could interpret this for me? Thanks

Suze said...

Cute signs and tags! Great ideas on how to make them. I made some ghetto ones at Christmas where I cut up old Christmas cards and punched a hole. lol. Glad to hear everything went well for your procedure. 8)

Stephanie D said...

It's the little details like that which make your craft items extra-special! I've seen very few crafters who go to that much trouble for their tags and signs.

Glad the procedure went okay!

Isabella said...

Glad to hear your colonoscopy went well Lettei Love your tags they do add that extra something just enhances I guess