Thursday, October 30, 2008

Colorful Rag Handbag

This tote will be my carry-it-all bag. It certainly is large enough. I think it would make a great beach bag because of the colorful fabrics that I have chosen. rag making days have come to an end. I just got this...

...and I cannot make myself put anything into it that causes a tremendous amount of lint.

I want to address several comments/questions that have been posed to me lately....

Carrie P. asked: "Do you ever sleep? You sure do make a lot."

Carrie, yes I do sleep. Sometimes more than I should. In fact, sometimes this old gal even takes a nap during the day. But, when I'm awake, I work diligently on creating product.

Netter asked: Whoa! How long does it take you to create a batch like that?"

Netter, it is true that I do believe in creating large batches. I always make a single prototype and if I like how it turns out, I create anywhere from 50 to 350 of that same item. I do everything in steps. I methodically do the same work on each piece before moving on to the next step. This saves me a lot of time and I recommend this method to anyone who needs to make more than one of anything. Please be aware that my method could make a sane person go crazy, though. Hehehe!

Sweetiepie commented: "I love your flowers. So many different patterns and colors. I would like to see your fabric stash sometime. I bet it is amazing and huge."

Joyce, my fabric stash isn't as huge as you imagine. I do love fabric and I do confess that I have quite a bit. At the moment, it is extremely unorganized and scattered everywhere. The busier I get, the messier my sewing room gets. I wouldn't think of burning your retina with such awful photos. Maybe sometime in the future when life returns to a slower pace and I have the time to organize it all.

Annemiek commented: "I so wish I could see you at a fair!! I picture you in some kind of colourboost. Please make pics and post them by that time!!

Annemiek, my craft booth needs a serious makeover. I do nothing fancy because I never have the time to be creative as all of my energy is put forth in making product. Believe it or not, I don't have a single photo of my booth at a craft fair. I promise to snap a few this time around.

I continually receive emails asking if it is okay to reproduce my items for personal use or for gift giving. The answer is Yes and Yes! don't even have to ask me for permission to do so. The only restriction is that you DO NOT reproduce any of my items for sale.

On another note, I thought it was hilarious when someone did a google search for "yo yo quilting for dummies" the other day and landed at my blog. Too funny!

I'm still working at a feverish pace to get things done for my fairs. I'm beginning to think that I enjoy the adrenalin rush that this creates and I do admit that I am at my best when working toward a deadline.

Take care, everyone.



Unknown said...

I love your version of the bag. Bright and colorful! I have front-loading machines, don't be afraid to put anything thing in that will make lint. I do and no problem. You will love the new machines.

Annette said...

Do you ever run out of new and awesome ideas? I love your bag. It's great!!

bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I agree with you about the corners of the bag. I don't know if it is any help but the way this type of bag is put toger in this pattern

seem to keep the corners nice. Of course I have yet to make mine.

Suze said...

Love the bag, I have yet to make a rag quilt.


sweetiepie said...

I love your rag bag.

I can relate to the messy craft room. My first craft show is tomorrow and my craft room is such a mess, I had to take my work to the kitchen table so that I had a clear surface on which to work. Of course, that was only temporary as now I can't see the top of the kitchen table either.

The upside to that was hubbie took me out to dinner last night. I guess he was afraid he was going to have to go without eating if he didn't.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Threeundertwo said...

I think rag quilts are best done at a laundromat. I love making them, but the lint is amazing!

Mom2fur said...

The bag is really cool. So are the machines. Don't worry about lint...that is what the lint trap is for, LOL!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That rag bag looks amazing - what a great idea and I LOVE the colours and fabrics you have used - stunning!

Anonymous said...

Your things are much to beautiful! I love your flowers!
Rosalie xx

Carrie P. said...

You take care too. I am glad to read that you sleep. Silly question,huh?

lindagerig said...

I love your blog but since you can not right click to add to favorites I can never remember to come back. Maybe I do not know another way to get you into my favorites. you do get a lot done. Linda Gerig in Mi

papel1 said...

Love the purse, love everything you make and also like your new washer and dryer. ANd I enjoyed the answers to the questions you receive.

Carol said...

OK now I am just down right envious. I have been wanting that washer/dryer for awhile and am thinking of asking Santa Claus for them. Hope they will fit in the sleigh.
And your version of the bag is awesome.

melony said...

I LOVE your rag bag!! I have seen other rag bags, but they are so boxy. I just made my first rag quilt and have leftover fabric. I would love to make the purse. Could you possibly provide a pattern or at least tell me what size the squares are? I would be so greatful. Thank you so much for your time. Melony

gtcoursey said...

I just came across your website. I went thru every post. You do amazing work. But this rag bag caught my eye. I would love to know how you put your squares on the bottom. I would like to make one similar for myself. Any advise you could give me would be appreciated.