Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pancake B( . ) ( . )BIES

I swear that a man was responsible for inventing the Mammography machine. I mean, if they had to squish their precious jewels into pancake form, I'm sure they would have invented some other contraption in order to see what is going on in there. I'm just saying.

Yes, yesterday was my turn to have a go at it. I'm convinced that the level of discomfort is directly linked to the skill of the x-ray technician. Sometimes it is unbelievably uncomfortable and other times it's just so-so. Anyway, the reason that I am mentioning this is that I hope that it will serve as reminder for everyone to take care of themselves and go get checked out.

Funny that I have a hankering for pancakes this morning. *grin*

I'll spare you the numerous images of piles of fabric. That's pretty much all that there is around here lately and it will continue to be that way for many more weeks. Sorry for being so scarce too. Scarcity will also be the norm around here for a while. I'm really running out of time and am finding it difficult to find the opportunity to blog.

I'll leave you with yet another prototype. This is a cupcake wrist pincushion.

The "cupcake liner" is made from a plastic bottle cap. This is very helpful in that it prevents the pins from stabbing your wrist.

Take care and have a nice day.


P.S. I just googled "Mammography inventor" and you guessed!!!


Amanda said...

Oh, my word, the mammogram - yuk! I'm afraid I only went the once, and she only managed to scan one side because I passed out from the pain! I know I ought to go again, but can't face it. What a good idea for the wrist pincushion. I made one for myself and it's brilliant, except for the pins sticking into my wrist. Do you mind if I pinch your idea?

Teresa said...

My doc gave me notice to go and get my mammo done. sigh

Ok, I have never "stolen" an image off someone's blog, actually don't know why I would want to. But what difference does it make anyway? I mean, its just a picture. I don't mean to be flip, I just don't understand why anyone would care, unless they were doing something inappropriate with a picture.

sweetiepie said...

Lettie, I have my mammo every year in April. I follow that up in May with a doctor visit to have a paps test and a breast exam. My mother had cervical cancer when I was 17 years old, so I have had a paps test every year since then.

Sorry you have been having trouble with image thieves. I really don't understand why people would do such a thing.

I love your wrist pin cushion.

Lorraine said...

I don't do this myself, and I should, but I know that it's recommended to use a watermark when posting pictures to deter thievery of them. I don't have a program on my PC to do that which is why mine aren't protected - YET. However, I believe that you can also purchase watermarks from watermark creators. I don't know if this will help your friend - just thought pass along some info.

And now the pincushion - it's wonderful. I love that you're recycling too!!! You have such great ideas.

randi said...

It is kind of creepy to find your pictures somewhere else other than your blog or flickr! I guess I just figure if people are going to behave inappropriately, there is not much I can do about it, but I don't want to quit posting pics because of it. Hopefully your friend sticks with it!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was as fast as you on my projects, all I seam to be doing is spinning my wheels. But it would help if I would not get into so many projects at once. Will off to bed.


Cheryl said...

Good rant. Sorry that you have had a problem. I really love that pincushion!!

Rowena said...

Now I'm feeling very, very dumb. I didn't know that a download of an image was trackable! Honestly, I thought it was simply right click then "save as". And if a person does this while offline? (All they need to do is go to the page then disconnect from the internet, or save the whole thing in an html file on the desktop). Point me to whatever program/software that can determine image downloads 'cause now I'm curious. Not that I really care. I just want to be a bit more savvy on the issue!

As for the mammograms, I do mine every year. Most times I get a good-looking italian technician too!

Cathi said...

Love your wrist pincushion -- that's a great idea. As to the inventor of the mammogram machine -- of course it was a man, probably related to the man who must have created stiletto heels! :-)

Arlette said...

Hi! I decided to close this post to further comments. Thank you.