Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Rambling and a Pinwheel Pin

When weekends roll around, my mind tells me that it's okay to take it easy and do nothing. Well, this past weekend, I accomplished just that. Nothing. I partially cleaned my bedroom. Notice that I said partially. I gave up doing anything productive after a conversation with the Vet as it was a little bit of a downer.

Mouse had another test done on Thursday. The test results show that his kidney function is better but it still shows that he's in kidney failure. In order to slow this down, the Vet recommended changing his food which should result in a little less stress on the kidneys. We are hoping that by doing this, we will slow down the kidney failure. He will continue to get his fluids, but for now, it will be limited to twice a month since he seems to be doing a lot better. That is such a relief because the constant transporting of him to the Vet was wearing thin on both him and me. In jest, the Vet mentioned that he sees that Mouse is getting better because he's gaining weight. Believe me, Mouse does not need to gain any more weight. According to the Vet's assistant, Mouse is the biggest cat that they've seen. He's the biggest cat that I've ever seen too.

I also did some long-needed grocery shopping. Thank goodness my husband doesn't mind going with me. I dislike grocery shopping with a passion. I try to do the major shopping once a month with just a quick run for the essentials in between.

If you are local, you can relate to buying rice in 20 pound bags (islanders eat a lot of rice). As I was transferring the rice to my rice container, I dropped a little onto the floor. I felt a few grains cling to the bottom of my foot. In an effort to rid my foot of the rice, I rubbed it about 3-4 times back and forth on top of my other foot. Somehow I couldn't dislodge the grains from under my foot. When I looked down, the upper portion of my foot had several deep gashes and was oozing blood.

Let me take you back to a little earlier...As I was unloading groceries, one of the bags that was sitting on the floor fell sideways and a bottle broke. The breakage was contained to the plastic bag, or so I thought. What I didn't realize is that one piece of glass found it's way outside of the bag. And wouldn't you know it, I stepped on it without knowing. I'd show you a picture of my foot, but I know you don't want to see my ugly Luau feet(a.k.a. wide feet from going barefoot as a kid). Suffice to say, I'm in a little bit of pain but nothing that needs stitching, thank goodness. I have since found another piece of glass in my kitchen even after sweeping it twice. Either I'm a lousy sweeper or those are some sneaky little pieces of glass. I'm probably a lousy sweeper. LOL

On another note...For at least a couple of years, I have been wanting to make pinwheel pins. I know that I mentioned that I would try and stay away from pin making for a while but I couldn't help myself. I finally decided to try my hand at it (anything to get away from sewing those pincushions...LOL). Well, I must say that it turned out pretty cute and it's everything that I was hoping for. The pattern that I used to create this pinwheel can be found here
This gal has a site dedicated to paper crafting and rubber stamping. I hope you give her a visit as she does wonderful things with paper and is sure to inspire you.

The pinwheel is made by fusing 2 contrasting fabrics together with Heat 'n Bond Ultrahold prior to cutting out the shapes. I frequently use fused fabric in my projects as it keeps fraying to a minimum. It also adds body to an otherwise floppy piece of fabric. I hope you give it a try. It was fun to do and it brought back memories of how much I loved pinwheels as a child.

Well, I'm sorry that I've been so long winded. I will close by wishing you a fabulously creative day!



Unknown said...

Hi Arlette,

You have been tagged by me. Check out my post for the rules!

Rowena said...

Again! Blogger is being a monkey because I can't see the image. Grrrr...

I am a wimp when it comes to blood, and that description of the small incident with your foot had me cringing (although of course I did not want to stop reading!). Will check back later to see if the pic loads.

Nerm said...

Hi, Lettie- (may I call you Lettie) After seeing all the goodies that Cheryl got, i had to check it out & I'll be darned if you aren't doin' it again. Count me in pls. Love, love your pics of your trip. Hubby & I took a similar trip a few years ago & I want to go back again badly. Feel free to share more pictures. Nerm

Cheryl said...

Count me in again....and thanks for the great pinwheel pattern!!!

Rowena said...

Sorry, but the image is still not appearing on my screen. Weird, because the pics on the other post did. Dang blogspot...