Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Can See Miles of Piles

The title to this post reminds me of the song, "I Can See For Miles" by the 60's group, The Who. How funny that it popped into my head as I looked around my craft room this morning. It's playing over and over in my mind and I can't rid myself of the tune. I hate when that happens.

There are piles and piles of incomplete projects scattered throughout my craft room, each one growing and growing like little cities with minds of their own. And theres more. Alot more. I chose to show you just a few to keep you from thinking that I have ADD. I don't. Just a simple condition called OSCS (Over Stimulated Crafter Syndrome). LOL This is the by-product of wanting to create every idea that pops into your head. Do you have the same condition? My guess is that I'm not alone.

So, the theme for today is PILES. OF. STUFF.

I can see for miles and piles and miles and piles and miles...................


1 comment:

Rowena said...

I like how you cleverly shot the images to give us only a glimpse of your piles of stash. Lettie, you don't have OSCS, you have a treasure trove of crafting goodies!

I would fall into the category of wanting to make everything that I adore, but my space is minimal, or should I say, nonexistent. Hmm...I think I'll suggest to the hubby that we need to find a bigger place. ;-)